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    I am the developer of the plugin that u mentioned as alternative. Thing is I didn’t borrowed code from this plugin because both plugin comes from same joomla extension joomlaworks tabslider plugin. I didn’t know that there is already a plugin for wordpress and I developed this for one of my client. Also I contacted the original developer of joomla before I release it as wordprss plugin.
    btw, it’s nice to see that my one works for you
    Thank you

    Thanks manchumahara for this great plugin.
    How can i remove the spaces in slides? Please see my slides.

    I found this one first. Since the plugin tags are exactly the same as the Joomla one, it’s very easy for me in converting my site from Joomla to WP. Now that I know there’s a second one out, jwtabslides, I tested it out as well.

    Both work for me without any issues. The jwtabslides, though, has the exact look as the Joomla version. Instead of having that slidebar as you have with jatabslides and the Joomla equivalent, you have a hyperlink with a down arrow next to it. It’s just cosmetic.

    Now, as for the sliding feature, I have a lot of information (about a page or so) that slides down. In this plugin when you click the hyperlink that hidden information immediately appears. In the jwtabslides version, it slides down just like the original version from JoomlaWorks.

    Considering I have a lot of information sliding down, it takes a few seconds for the accordion effect to slide down whereas with this plugin it instantly appear.

    If you have a lot of information to slide down, I’d go with this one. If you are more cosmetically concerned and want that accordion effect then go with the jwtabslides.

    Personally, though, they both work without any hitches and I really have no complaints about either one. I’m sure through CSS you could get both to do the same effect as the other. I’d recommend both to anyone and believe it would be just a matter of personal taste.

    How can i remove sapaces between tabs. See my page


    Check my reply on my site. It’s a css issue that you need to solve from your stylesheet as the plugin’s css is getting override by the core style.css file.

    Thank you for your interest on my plugin.

    Sabuj Kundu

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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