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  • Mobster


    Have you tried unchecking or checking “Automatic redirection to checkout page in the settings?”

    And have you tried to disable, then re-enable the plugin?



    I did both of the things you suggested and the problem is still there.



    One thing I notice right away is your cart isn’t setting any cookies. (which stores the prior post/cart entry).

    Have you also tried disabling next_gen and then try the cart?

    Something in your settings is preventing session cookies.

    Is your wp install up to date?
    Have you tried installing a fresh copy?
    Have you disabled all plugins and turned them on one at a time to see if one of them is the culprit?

    These are all things I try when something isn’t working.



    Yup, that’s it. Something is destroying your cookies. In fact, if you go to yoururl/wp-admin the cart session is there but when you go back to the cart it clears.



    Thanks for the troubleshooting advice. WP is up to date. I’ll try the rest.



    I disabled Nextgen but didn’t know how to try the cart without it since the only items I have are set up through the gallery.

    I reinstalled WP. – Didn’t help.

    I deactivated all plugins. – Couldn’t find culprit.

    Deleted all plugins that were installed but not active just in case that could be it.

    I changed themes to see if that was causing the problem.

    Tried both Mozilla and IE just to see if that could be the problem.

    I looked for any session_start() code in the index.php file. I didn’t see anything. I doubt this is the problem but I’m curious about who starts the session. I would expect it is the shopping cart plugin.

    Any more ideas?

    I’m having this same problem. Just spent like 10 hours building the shop and now it’s not working. I’m going ballistic as the site has to be finished, like, now. It was working FINE before, then I added all the products to the shop and it stopped working. WTF?????

    Plugin Author mra13


    PHP session on your site is not working. You need to contact your hosting provider and request them to fix the PHP session issue on your site.

    Well–I am really upset now! I am brand new at all this. I contacted Blue Host and they checked all my settings plus saw that cookies were working. I did configure the PHP session with their help. I also deactivated and reactivated my WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart. None of this has mattered. I had the site finished, I thought. I added postage to my items and checked that it still worked—the last thing I did was add more pictures. Now, if I change quantity and hit enter, the entire cart disappears. I can buy an item and go directly to Paypal, which is what I wanted to do–I didn’t care about a checkout page. But I can only put one item in the cart–the added item just replaces the prior one! Shipping shows up as always. It is something with the cart that I don’t get and why it suddenly stopped working when it worked before! I only have two codes that i am using–one for the cart
    show_wp_shopping_cart which I put at the top of my gallery page–the empty cart never showed although I filled in text for that?
    and my items (example): [wp_cart:Sterling Cuff with Bead:price:60.00:shipping:5.00:end] This exact code worked fine until the very end??? I’m not so fond of the button appearance and I have a mainly OOAK items but could use a dropdown at times it I knew how!!!! Long story short–the button gets me to paypal and specifies shipping cost but only one item at a time,etc. Thanks for any help of any sort! I have spent hours and hours on this little site! And know nothing about building one!

    I gave up and added PayPal buttons individually. You can generate them in your PayPal account. Took me forever but I really can’t deal with a plugin that already has so many issues and may well die on me in the future. It was the same for me materbona…it worked just fine until the end. And then it stopped working. No more WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart for me. Someone recommended WooCommerce but I haven’t looked into it. Good luck, I feel your pain.

    And what causes a PHP session issue???

    Really weird! This is the most ridiculous thing! I retrieved my silly attempt at just making a list of items and prices and they worked just fine! So then I tried adding prices–again–just fine. So I eventually cut and pasted everything, pictures and allo,from my non functioning gallery to the other one. Then I added the header pix—still works. The only thing, and I am afraid to say it—I wish I could have a choice of add to cart buttons–like a dropdown and one without quantity–to use for certain items. I have no idea where everything goes–all I know is I can get to Paypal and then the customer is supposed to land on my Thanks page—-Why all the cutting and pasting worked, I don’t have a clue! Maybe something I did just corrupted the whole shebang on my first gallery. I have kept it but not on the menu just in case! God how many days I have spent! It’s a shame I am so challenged–but I did get something up! Check it out: Let me know if the buttons have stopped working again!

    Excuse me–I meant to say I tried adding “shipping” after prices–all went okay!

    Another thought, aquarius–if you had a page earlier that you trashed but the cart and button were working–retrieve it and see if you can add to it–I just went through my trash–and voila! I’m afraid to breathe though–one never knows!

    I’m having the same issues…this issue doesn’t seem to be “resolved”.

    Ate there any other button codes that work with this specific plugin!? I’d like some options tor certain items (if the plugin stays alive) .

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