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  • I’m having an issue with generating a sitemap on a multisite installation. Since there’s a workaround it’s not a critical issue but in case anyone is having a similar issue maybe this might help troubleshoot.

    One site is the root and the other is set as subdirectory. I have WordPress SEO active on both sites and have the settings set identically except for the name of the sitemap (sitemap.xml and sitemap2.xml). On both, the plugin reports that the XML Sitemap file is found and writable and that the URL is correct.

    On the subdirectory site, clicking the Rebuild XML sitemap button results in the feedback report (eg. found, regenerated, updated, etc).

    On the root site, clicking the Rebuild XML sitemap button doesn’t do anything. I tried deleting the corresponding sitemap.xml file to see if the file was being generated and it was just a reporting issue, but the file isn’t being generated.

    BUT, if I edit a post on that site and republish, the XML sitemap is rebuilt automatically as it should be. So it’s a simple enough workaround.

    WordPress SEO 1.1. I don’t have any other sitemap generating plugins active, although I used to use Google XML Sitemaps on the site where there are now issues.

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  • I’m testing this on a multi site configuration as well, but I’m using subdomains rather than subdirectories. I’m not sure of all the technical details, but I do know that they all share the same directory on the server. When I try to set up a sitemap for one of the child sites it is using the same local path as the parent (and presumably all the others) even though the URL is different.

    A couple things to consider:

    Does changing the name from sitemap.xml to sitemap2.xml cause any issues on Google, Yahoo or Bing?

    Files specific to a domain (i.e. media) are in wp-content/blogs.dir/N (where N is the number corresponding to the site id). Could the sitemaps be put there?

    I’ve been using XML Sitemap Feed which generates the sitemap when a robot requests it rather than storing the file. Is this a possible solution to the problem?

    I haven’t had enough time to fully test this, but I do like the options that this plugin has for the sitemap. It is more like the Google XML Sitemaps plugin (which I found didn’t work with multi-site installs when I first started out — not sure if it does now).

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents so far.


    I would wait until the next major release, which fully supports the new multisite feature of WordPress. You can help speeding up the development time by trying the alpha version:

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    I did some reading on sitemaps at and it seems that putting them in the blogs.dir subdirectory as I suggested wouldn’t work as a sitemap will only have authority from the directory that it is located in and its subdirectories.

    We can use different names for the sitemaps, but I’m not sure how they get associated with the appropriate url. Is there something in robots.txt that needs to get set for this to work? Or is it in the WP url mapping that this takes place? Should the file name in the URL match the actual filename or does that matter?

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Arne: this is a WordPress SEO support question, not for your sitemap plugin 🙂

    As for the others: multi site is not supported yet but will be supported soon!

    Oh, I just saw the sitemap tag in my feed reader 😉

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