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    I have wp_content_url set for serving static content. This seems to break the ability to manually force a refresh of the sitemap, since it thinks the URL is for static content.

    Also, and I can create another thread for this, but supporting a .gz version of the sitemap would be good.

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  • the plugin does output a gz version of the sitemap.

    its located at:

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hey Staze, 0.1.4 should have fixed this for you, right?

    nope, still broken. =(

    “Rebuild XML sitemap” does nothing (nothing happens when clicking the button). And it points to “javascript:rebuildSitemap(‘’,”)”; I’m not sure, but this should probably point to something more like

    There is no sitemap to be found at /sitemap.xml. =/

    As a note, wordpress-seo never prompted to update from 0.1.3 to 0.1.4. I had to download the new plugin, and move it onto the site. Just to make sure things went right, as well, I disabled and reenabled the plugin to make sure something wasn’t wedged.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    How does your config work? The plugin uses WP_PLUGIN_URL, which you should probably also define if you’re changing WP_CONTENT_URL, as it’s based off of that. If you’d define WP_PLUGIN_URL as it would work correctly.

    ah ha, okay. I defined that and now the regen acts like it’s working, and says it worked, but there is no sitemap at /sitemap.xml.

    Looks like it put it in /wp-content/uploads/wpseo/sitemap.xml?

    which makes me think either there’s a rewrite rule that isn’t getting written to .htaccess…

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    That’s an actual issue on my side, fixed in 0.1.5, which is coming in a couple of minutes 🙂

    ah, cool.

    I wait with baited breath. =) btw, will you be enabling updates from with this release?

    Thanks for the heads up on wp_plugin_url… as it doesn’t seem to be documented really anywhere, I had no idea it was actually available. It fixed another issue I was having that was purely cosmetic, but still annoying.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    If all goes well this should indeed update properly.

    almost there…

    So now the issue is, it writes the sitemap out with the xsl url https:// rather than http://

    So if the sitemap is accessed via http, the browser chokes because the xsl is over https… but accessing the sitemap via https works.

    any thoughts?

    and yes, I have FORCE_SSL_ADMIN set to “true”.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Did you regenerate? That uses the same function, so if you set WP_PLUGIN_URL correctly, without the https, it should work.

    I did. And to be double sure, I just removed the existing sitemap, and regenerated again. Same result.

    It appears that wordpress is doing a replace of all http:// with https:// in config options when force_ssl_admin is set, so that things work when logged into the wp-admin site (and don’t generate a bunch of errors about some content being insecure).

    might it be better to just regrab that value from wp-config.php when generating the sitemap, to avoid this? I’m not sure how Google XML Sitemap does it, but it does not have the same issue. =/

    Thankfully, the sitemap is visible to google, so it’s really only an issue if I try to look at it from a web browser (or something that actually uses the xsl file).

    actually, seems that google thinks the sitemap is “images” and has WAY too many submitted URLs. Wonder if this could be due to this issue…

    Switched back to Google XML Sitemaps for now…

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hey staze, fixed the https issue for the xsl file.

    The sitemap type is “images” because it’s a mixed sitemap and Google isn’t displaying that any better at the moment, unfortunately, both images and url’s are still crawled though.

    Sweet, this does indeed seem to fix it. Thanks!

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