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  • Hi, I have the same invalid date problem through the SEO plugin by Yoast. Where you able to fix it? If so, kindly explain how. Thanks.

    Was a solution found for this issue? One of my site has 27 sitemaps, 15 of which have the -001-11-30 00:00 last modified date.

    WordPress: 3.5.1
    Yoast SEO: 1.4.7

    Using the sitemap plugin from and disabling the Yoast sitemap generator was the only viable stop-gap measure that worked for me.

    Anyone found a solution?

    I deleted the main sitemap_index.xml from webmaster tools and submitted all of the individual sub sitemaps. The sub sitemaps returned no errors. It will do until a solution is found.

    ^^ thnx for the info. Hopefully a simplier solution will be found soon

    A lot of discussion on this today. Can this be a result of wordpress 3.5.2?

    Possible, I believe I’ve found the offending issue with my sitemap.

    The category timestamp is different than the others

    <lastmod>2013-06-23 13:04:02</lastmod>

    Notice the different format, and this is indeed the line google complains about. I tried updating a category to force a new timestamp which did happen, but still in the wrong format.

    ^^ yea saw that. Not sure how to modify code to fix tho

    Not a good thing, I like Yoast’s Sitemap generator. I use 3.5.2 and the previous version of Yoast SEO, and it works great, that’s my solution :-). The old one ain’t broke.

    I’ll only upgrade to the latest Yoast once this issue is fixed, and something about titles I saw in another post …

    ^^ which version you using? The previous one seems like, the XML map is broken.

    I use 1.4.7, perfect sitemap, well-indexed by Google, no errors at all. Same with Bing.

    Sitemap index
    Jun 22, 2013

    388 submitted
    350 indexed
    1,480 submitted
    1,284 indexed

    It appears 1.4.10 contains a few changes in xml-sitemaps.php

    Since these changes, the sitemap will be generated with an incorrect date format.

    I have the same issue and hopefully the dev will fix it soon.

    Take a look at :

    Without knowing much about php, I think I have managed to narrow down the problem to date format with custom taxonomies.

    To sort out the issue (which worked for me), the following lines should be edited in wordpress-seo/inc/class-sitemaps.php file:

    Line 249 and 250, which currently read:

    if ( $query->have_posts() )
    	$date = $query->posts[0]->post_modified_gmt;

    Should be changed to:

    if ( $query->have_posts() ) {
      $date = $query->posts[0]->post_modified_gmt;
      $date = date( 'c', strtotime( $date ));

    This puts the date in correct format. As I said, it worked for me.
    Bare in mind that I am not a programmer, but just a man with a lot of persistence. I’m not sure how the above edit affects the rest of the file – it shouldn’t affect it adversely.

    Good luck!

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    The sitemaps at the lower level, like “…/page-sitemap.xml” have no faults. The top level one “…/sitemap_index.xml” has a problem with an invalid data.

    In Dutch (i’m sorry guys) the index error is:

    Bovenliggende tag: sitemap
    Tag: lastmod
    Waarde: 2013-06-23 17:43:46

    I have a new site, so indexing should hopefully happen for me. If not it’s probably because of this index error.

    Hope it is solved soon. I love the plugin.

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