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  • WordPress version: 3.4.1
    WordPress SEO version: 1.2.5

    During some routine testing I disabled and then re-enabled the WordPress SEO plugin. Afterwards, attempting to visit /sitemap_index.xml returned a 404 error.

    I went to the Yoast WordPress SEO: XML Sitemaps settings page and the checkbox to enable XML site map functionality was still checked. I clicked the Save Settings button and the sitemap started working again.

    I was able to repeat this by disabling and enabling the WordPress SEO plugin again.

    I verified the same result on a test install running only the WordPress SEO plugin and the Twenty Eleven theme.

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  • i can verify this as well. It also seems to happen when you upgrade the plugin. After upgrading the sitemap is a 404, but if you return to the settings page and hit save it works again.


    I also had this same problem – disabled WP SEO while testing, later re-enabled, then noticed the sitemaps had gone 404. By re-saving the settings it re-activated the sitemaps.

    Yoast, please look at fix for next version 🙂

    I was wondering why my search engine ranking was falling like a stone! All my hard work of slowly climbing up the page results.. gone in a weekend! I had to disable/re-enable some plugins to solve a memory issue. I need to change hosting so that this kind of stuff becomes something of the past.

    Same thing here. Saving setting worked. Now going over all tabs and saving again just to be sure there’s nothing else that needs it.

    It could be something to do with the browser, I have the same problem on IE and Chrome but it is fine when I use the ipad.

    can someone please confirm whether yoast seo plugin sitemap functionality works or not (without messing about with code etc.)? When i first enabled it a few months back, it wasnt working on google and bing (they werent getting the sitemaps) so i disabled it and have bwp gxs sitemap plugin activated.

    This isn’t ideal though i don’t think, as Bing doesn’t seem to be getting the sitemaps as regularly as google with this other plugin..

    Plus, im starting a new site soon, and would jsut rather have it all under one roof in hte yoast plugin if possible.

    So is it working now?

    I’m also into a similar problem.
    Whenever i publish a new post, the sitemap page goes 404. I need to save the settings again to call it back.
    Don’t know what is happening here!

    It seems a bit odd that such a high profile plugin has such a huge problem with a fundamental part of wordpress- letting people know that you’re there.

    Surely Joost’s /yoasts agency/business (he’s in 14k google circles or something!) can afford to pay someone to get this sorted out? It’s like giving a beautiful new mercedes away for free, but forgetting to add wheels.

    Bit of a joke really if it is indeed still shagged, and its not jsut us.



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    Surely Joost’s /yoasts agency/business (he’s in 14k google circles or something!) can afford to pay someone to get this sorted out?

    And from where did he derive this wonderful income of which you speak? It’s a free plugin. How much have you donated recently?

    well esmi, I haven’t donated anything, I think that was the point. As soon as it’s good to go, I will.

    it’s a great plugin, and useful no doubt, but having searched around through threads for hours, it looks like this has been an issue for a long time.

    And sorry if yoast isn’t making money, i thought being a world renowned SEO expert, and being in 14000 google cirles and the rest, should have meant he’s getting some money. If he isn’t, there’s something really wrong because the guy seriously knows his stuff on SEO. Plus, don’t some people pay for the yoast settings to be set up for their site aswell?

    Maybe i’ll hire him for my site.

    I’m grateful that it’s free, genuinely, but this problem has been around ages seemingly,so surely it needs fixing for such a widely used plugin?

    My sitemap is a mess too….



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    Bottom line: if you are that unhappy with the plugin, use another one. But please do not take personal pot shots at someone who is offering this plugin for free.

    There’s no need to wait for this or that to be fixed or some feature added to make a donation. Joost currently has 38 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository that he gives away totally free! He’s already delivered incredible value to the WordPress community and I consider some of his plugins essential to every site I run.

    I’ve already donated and I’ve sent business his way too. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    Thank you for all you do, Joost!

    Hi everybody,

    It doesn’t work for me too, the file “sitemap_index.xml” is empty.

    sitemap here still works, have trouble with other parts of Wp-SEO
    I’ll wait till Joost is back in town.

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