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  • Hi,
    I have a problem with WordPress SEO: the sitemap has disappeared! It should be here: sitemap_index.xml, but I receive a page not found. Sitemap functionality is active and WordPress SEO is 4.2. I deactivated and reactivated WordPress SEO, nothing. Then I tryed to deactivate the other plugins, but nothing again. Could someone help me? It has always worked well since I installed WordPress SEO!

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  • Yes it seems to work, the sitemap is showing up but it’s still sending a 404 as the response header which means that Google Webmaster Tool won’t find it.

    Any suggestions?

    @ahni: Thanks works great!

    Glad it works. Not so glad with the foul language of @budgettravelsac but apparently he can’t read.

    Thanks!!! This worked for me! I still have a problem though, my author sitemap returns a blank page, all the others are working fine. Any idea?

    Edit: I still get a 404 on google webmaster tools, so strange because now the index and the other xmls (apart from the author one as i stated) are working in the browser.

    General HTTP error: 404 not found
    We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit

    @paologanino as I mentioned above, the snippet above will indeed make the sitemap to show up, but it will still sending a 404 as the response header which means that Google Webmaster Tool won’t find it.

    Look at the post to see what caused this problem for me.

    In short, you have probably a plugin or a custom post type that flushes the rewrite rules. I would recommend that you delete the above snippet and disable all plugins except WordPress SEO and then turn them on one by one to see if there is any plugin that is causing this.

    @johan82 Hey Johan I followed the guidelines from the post you gave but still no luck. Checking with spotlight (i have a local copy of all my files) the only plugin having flush_rewrite_rules(); is wordpress seo itself.

    Right now the index is working just on the browser, the author-sitemap is blank and the news-sitemap is 404. I’m getting mad…

    Don’t get mad Paolo, won’t help one bit 🙂

    The sitemaps you linked above work 100% fine except for the news sitemap, you sure you weren’t just having a cache issue?

    As for the news sitemap: I’m working on the issues that’s giving.

    Thanks Joost,
    after few tricks I got it working again. The author one is not working though, is it maybe because i’ve changed the author slug?

    Well the author sitemap itself is working fine, it’s the XSL that makes it look all spiffy that’s not working, but Google should have no trouble whatsoever getting to that XML sitemap.

    Well, webmaster tools tell the opposite…”Sitemap cannot be read”. I’m not practical with xsl and xml but i find quite strange that the others are working and this is not. Is the code looking for “author” somewhere? Maybe could be this…

    Thanks so much Joost

    The news sitemap is now working fine after the last update. I’m still getting trouble with the author one though…

    I have the problem since yesterday after posting a new article.

    It seems to be a problem which is related to some flush rules and custom post types (a premium plugin I installed a few days ago, I will contact the developer of course)

    So I disabled the plugin but I’m still getting a 404.
    What’s next? I’m still not having a sitemap 🙁

    @joost, why do you create a virtual sitemap and a not physical set of files?

    Hi everyone, I’m the developer of the premium plugin Olaf was referring to, ThirstyAffiliates.

    Just thought I would clear up what is actually the cause here since it looks like no one really knows 100% how to fix it.

    The problem is that as plugin developers we normally use init as a point to hook into WP and register our custom post types which is fine. But we also use this point to flush_rewrite_rules(). Which is also fine with one caveat…

    You should only flush the rewrite rules once, on plugin activation.

    To do so, I recommend checking out this great piece of code contributed by clioweb on github:

    Basically, just register a setting on activation, then during your registration of CPT on the first run through you check for the flag, flush the rules, then remove the setting so it doesn’t flush again once the plugin is activated.

    This is the best method I’ve found and I’ll be rolling it out across all my plugins from now on as should other developers utilizing the custom post type framework.

    Oh, and also, using this method if you find that your plugin still breaks the XML sitemap functionality it’s because Yoast is flushing the rewrite rules on saving the settings page for XML sitemaps.

    The solution is just to go back into that settings page for XML sitemaps and press save again.

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