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  • I recently installed the latest version of wordpress and noticed that several key functions were no longer working as intended. When adding a new media item into a post the button will open an entire new page with this plugin active and will not actually allow you to add any media to your post (it will add it to your gallery though). Also, when trying to make a hyper-link by highlighting text and then clicking on the hyper-link tool, you get the expected pop up, but once you enter in the information for the link and click add, ti closes the edit post screen and does not save your post so any changes will have been lost. I currently am not using this plug-in because of this but I would love to see it come back!


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  • Which theme are you using? If you use something like Genesis from StudioPress you won’t need this plugin anyway.

    I am using a modified version of Elegant Grunge. Since I posted this here I have noticed that this problem comes up sporadically. This is not Theme related unless the theme affects what happens at the times of editing the post (which would make no sense, the theme should only come into play when posts are displayed).

    I noticed this the first time when I first upgraded to 3.3. I created one new post just fine and then the next post, almost none of the editing buttons were working properly. I could not automatically update the SEO title or add images to the post. I then disable this plugin and everything worked correctly. Then shortly after I came back, enabled the plugin and created a new post just fine and updated the old ones with no problems. I am not sure what is happening but I can not track down the exact cause or steps to recreate it.

    We have had some issues with 3.3 – it was breaking the admin panel. Because we are busy and don’t have time to look at it properly we identified the problem within WordPress and took the offending code out. This has allowed us to continue working until we have time to check it out. In our case it as something to do with a function called is_rtl() and it was the PopUpDomination plugin that was conflicting.

    My point about using a theme like Genesis is that you can forget about all the SEO plugins. It’s all built in. But that’s a different point.

    I see where you are coming from. But in the mean time disabling and re-enabling the plugin from time to tome seems to fix the problem when ever it pops up.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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