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  • WordPress Version: 3.4
    WordPress SEO Version: 1.2.3

    Hi Yoast,

    I’m using WooThemes (Canvas) and I have my Home Page configured in Magazine mode.

    Last week I made the cut over to your plugin and only just now noticed what appears to be an incompatibility between the WooThemes magazine mode and your Plugin.

    If you take a look at my blog – you will see the canonical for the page is which is throwing a 404 and upsetting Google.

    Additionally, the rel=”prev” and rel=”next” are missing as well.

    My guess as to why this is happening is because in order for the WooThemes Theme to show the Homepage in Magazine Mode, you have to go into WordPress settings and configure the Home Page to point to a published page on the site. That Published page then needs to be set to the Magazine Mode template. My guess is that is why your plugin is picking up the canonical as /2/ vs. /page/2/ because it see’s the home page and later subpages as a single post vs. the home page with sub pages.

    I confirmed this when I set the home page to the Latest Posts and sure enough, all the correct canonical urls were then picked up from your plugin and displayed properly as were the rel=”prev” and rel=”next” links to the front and back pages.

    Obviously this feels like a WooThemes bug in their theme however my guess is they will have no interest in fixing this since it’s your plugin grabbing the canonical and displaying it. Since your theme is closely aligned with Woo, I’m hoping you might have a hotfix I could use where your plugin looks at the home page, determines if the page set is configured to magazine mode then set the canonical appropriately.?.?.?

    Thank a lot. I appreciate your support.


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  • FYI – Reverted to a different plugin for now until I can get this working. FYI in case you check the links above.

    Just heard back from WooThemes DEV on this issue. They are pointing things back to the plugin creator unfortunatly…

    Thanks for your query and welcome to the WooThemes Support Forum. 🙂
    To clarify here, you are correct regarding the pagination URL structures being different for archives vs pages. That being said, the “/page/” rewrite rule does work on single pages, and is commonly used for page templates that generate paginated archives such as the “Magazine” template bundled in Canvas.
    In terms of the “next” and “prev” URLs, this may be a bit trickier, as these URLs are generally used on archive screens, where a clear “previous” and “next” post is available.
    In terms of resolving this, I believe the best port of call here would be to contact Yoast directly, as these URLs are generated/manipulated by the WordPress SEO plugin, I believe. The canonical and “next”/”prev” URLs in question here would be the way they are currently for any page template used as your front page (or as a sub-page, for that matter) and isn’t specific to Canvas.
    If Yoast requires that lines of code be added to the theme in order to support functionality added to his plugin for this functionality to be present, please let us know and we’ll see about adding the code to Canvas. 🙂
    Thanks and regards,

    So until the plugin is updated to support a magazine type theme like Woothemes Canvas, I’m stuck.



    Having the same problem with the same theme. It’s also affecting the magazine page titles and meta description output – they won’t accept variables like Page x of x, leading to duplication.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Took a while but finally figured it out. Let me guess: you’re using a static frontpage? 🙂

    Should be fixed in the development version. You can download the development version from here, or you can download it directly here.

    @joost — Correct. Let me test it out and get back to you in a few hours.

    @joost — I can confirm that yes, I’m using a static front-page on Canvas and I can also confirm the DEV version of the code fixed the problem.

    The only other thing I noticed is the front-page does not include and rel=”next” /page/2/ like it does on the home page of a blog not using a static page for home page. Not a huge deal as I’m sure google will figure it out and, all the other pages don’t have a problem with this.





    Skrause, this is off subject, but what did you use to make your forums?


    I have the same issue.

    WordPress SEO
    Canvas theme 5.0.9
    Wordpress 3.5.1


    @workky — phpbb

    Hi I am having the same issue

    Theme: Canvas 5.1.5 & 5.2.2
    WooFramework: 5.5.5

    Wwordpress-seo packaged: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 08:10:28 +0000 Dev Version


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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