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  • Same here. Too bad. Hopefully soon a fix.

    yep, same here too. 🙁

    I have the same problem on one site I just updated. I have other sites with the same theme (iThemes Builder) where WPSEO 1.2.1 works ok so it must be a plugin conflict but I use many of the same ones on every site. WPSEO 1.1.9 worked fine on the same site.

    Same thing here, and on two sites. I updated the plugin and now the dashboard tabs aren’t functional. On a different site I switched from Greg’s H P SEO to Yoast and same thing. Sites have different themes, The Restaurant and U-Design, and some different plugins. Yoast worked beautifully (which is why I switched the other site over) until this newest update version. I’m on wp 3.3.2 . Help!!

    Just a thought.. could there be some confusion between the titles/functions of the tabs ‘frontend’ and how the line of code/function was actually written in the ‘backend’ of the plugin? Not a coder so hope that made sense. 🙂

    in our case this bug is caused by all-in-one-event-calendar plugin.

    for some reason the page titles&metas includes scripts from the ai1ec plugin. jquery.timespan.js cuases a javascript error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'checked' of undefined.

    I am having the same problem.
    I can’t even check the SEO, where the new button indicates there is an issue.
    I’ve just updated my site to WP Version 3.4 which seems to be the issue, as I noticed on the update panel under the Yoast plugin it states
    “Compatibility with WordPress 3.4: Unknown”
    I’m going to hold fire on updating my other sites until I know what is going to happen.
    It’s a pity because this is the best SEO Plugin available!

    Ah ha! All-in-one Calendar … I disabled that plugin and the SEO tabs came back. The calendar plugin is far more essential for us, so it goes back on. Will have to live with broken SEO plugin for now. Thanks for finding that achensee!

    Thank you! The one difference in the site I have the issue with WPSEO is indeed the presence of All-In-One Event Calendar. On sites where that plugin is not present, the latest WPSEO works fine.

    Thanks for figuring this out! I ddidn’t have time to troubleshoot this yesterday. I now just posted in the AIOEC forum requesting they fix their incorrectl loading of scripts files in the WP admin:

    Thanks everyone for this info. It just help me from trying figure out what happen.
    Hope WPSEO will do another updated so this gets fixed.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    It’s not my thing to fix. All in one event calendar shouldn’t be loading scripts on an admin page that’s not theirs. Closing here, please talk on the new thread mentioned above and get them to fix their code.

    and what about me? i am not using any calendar, still i’ve lost keywords from more than 2500 blogposts, new update of seo by yoast has messedup everything on my site.

    Can’t open Title Settings in settings panel of SEO PLUGIN, no meta keyword field is present in my posts, and lost all keywords of old posts.

    Sitemap is also not working at my end. Its broken. I think there’s some compatibility problem of Yoast plugin 1.2.2 with wordpress 3.4.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hi stylepk,

    I can assure you there is not. There is no code in the plugin that throws away meta’s…. I’m quite sure it’ll turn out to be there, if you figure out which other plugin (or maybe even your theme) is causing the issue. Try to switch to the default theme and disable all other plugins and see if it’s still gone then.

    I’m having the same problems. Not only the title, meta page unworkable tabs, but all my posts now have seo issues when they shouldn’t. Tried dissabling all plugins, still not working. I don’t want to switch my theme, I just got semi comfortable with it.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Please read this thread and follow the instructions there. If the issue persists, try to formulate your problem using the template in that post in a new thread. I can’t do anything based on what you’re telling me here.

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