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  • My site – the home page, which is a blogg post – immediately ranked as nr 5 on Google when I opened it up. This was for the main keyword, which is the same as the domain name of the site. (This result was to be expected, as most of the search results for this keyword are irrelevant or of low quality. My site is the most relevant, the biggest and it should be no 1.) Then I installed WordPress SEO. I was impressed by the program. On each page I added a main keyword (which is the same on almost all the pages), a meta title and a meta description. The program made a few complains and I made a few adjustments – mainly I changed the texts on the pages so that the keyword showed often enough to make the program satisfied. I also added some links and images. A few days after this, the home page was completely gone from Google. It is not on any of the 10 first pages of search results for the main keyword that equals my domain name. Some of the other main pages rank on page 3-10. WordPress SEO appears to be unaware of any problem. Any idea about what has caused this? It is possible that I added too many of the main keyword? (WordPress SEO says the keyword density is great.) Should I wait to see if the problem disappears or should I inactivate WordPress SEO and try some other program instead?

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  • Is there no support at all for this pugin at this forum?

    When I do a Google search for a phrase that does only exist on my Home page (post), I don’t get the Home page as first search result. Actually, it doesn’t come up at all. Instead I get the category “Uncategorized” from my site. That category is presenty empty, but only since about 10 hours ago.



    About a week after uninstalling WordPress SEO from the site, my site due up on the third site on Google Search. Today, a few days later, it due up as number 7 on the first page. Hopefully it will soon be back as nr 1 again, as it was before I installed WordPress SEO.

    One funny thing is that I have another similar site, on which I installed Worbpress SEO the same way, or thought I did. This site has stayed nr 1 on Google after the installation, as it was before.

    Doesn’t anyone have any idea about how Wordpess SEO could cause a whole site to just disappear from Google??



    Hello? Anyone?
    So is this plugin actually helping with google ranking or is it actually hurting sites?



    I have never used an SEO plugin, so I can’t really say if this is the plugin or user error. However, just by viewing the amount of support questions related to the plugin, I would probably refrain from using it, especially if it’s even “suspected” of hurting your ranking.



    The experts often say that a SEO plugin is necessary when WordPress is used and this is (or was as least a few months ago) the most elabotated one. It also had a lot fo suggestions for how to make my site rank better; adequate key word density, images, links etc. Therefore I thought it was really good. Most of these changes did not disappear when the plugin was reinstalled. So they were not the reason why the site was no longer detected by Google. The site is although still nr 7, while it was nr 1 (but only for a short while) when the plugin was installed, and nr 5 already from the start.

    Finally back as nr 1 at Google again! Without WordPress SEO, of course. Still, my other similar site is still nr 1 with WordPress SEO.

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