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  • WordPress version: 3.4.1
    WordPress SEO version: 1.2.5

    I did this: I use a multi-word focus keyword (e.g., “know your enemy jacksonville jaguars”), ensuring that phrase appears in my URL, my page title, first paragraph, h2 subheading, etc., albeit with some intervening capitilization, punctuation, or a “stop” word (e.g., “Know Your Enemy: the Jacksonville Jaguars”).

    I expected the plugin to do this: Acknowledge that the focus keyword has been used and green-light the post.

    Instead it did this: Claims that the focus keyword is not found in those areas and thus yellow-lights or red-lights the pose — even though it highlights the appearances of the keywords in the post title, meta description, etc. Just as when someone does a search for a phrase like “know your enemy jacksonville jaguars,” Google will ignore capitalization, the presence of punctuation in between the words comprising the focus keyword, and minor stop words, so should this plugin.

    It gets very distracting and time consuming going back through old posts, thinking they need to be improved, when in fact the plugin is simply failing to acknowledge the use of the focus keywords.

    This is such a basic improvement that I am surprised it hasn’t been implemented long ago.

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  • For that matter, if I choose to make the focus keyword “know enemies jacksonville jaguars” (to avoid the use of a stop word), then the plugin should acknowledge it as used when it shows up in the text as “know your enemies: Jacksonville Jaguars” — just as a Google search will show it.

    I should add that while stop words and punctuation always cause this issue, capitalization seems to trigger it intermittently, as though it were focus keyword specific.

    Another symptom of the problem is that if my focus keyword is “its your dime,” which is the name of a radio show I host, and I enclose the title in quotation marks, the plugin will tell me that the keyword is not found at the beginning of the page title, even though it’s simply separated from the beginning by a quotation mark.

    Neither should the plugin differentiate between “its your dime” and “it’s your dime,” since Google itself does not appear to.

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