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  • Same problem here and a parsing error. Google Webmaster refuses my sitemap. Sitemap also is not showing the home page.

    I need this fixed ASAP. This is how I make a living.

    Please advise.

    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Line Number 4, Column 60: <loc></loc&gt;

    Thank you.

    Just an update, there’s no sitemap file in my home directory. The latest version seems to have deleted it. Please fix ASAP.

    I am also having this same issue. The following is the error code I receive:

    This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 2 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    I have webmaster tools looking for a site map_index.xml which does not exist on my server and webmaster is throwing up lots of errors due to this. Essentially my website is not visible by google.

    Same i also have an xml error on sitemap pages !
    please update this :s

    my website : Wild Son’s

    Same issue. Worked fine until I upgraded to new version of plugin and now I get a 404 error when I click on XML Sitemaps:
    HELP!?!?! This is my job.

    I am having the same issue.
    I temporarily installed an extra plugin and deactivated the XML part of Yoast SEO.

    Temporarily plugin:

    I still rather use the XML from Yoast, less plugins seems better for me.

    No news on this yet, I take it? This issue is still apparent for me.

    It’s working fine for me.

    Using WP 3.4.2 and SEO version Albeit it the tag sitemap shows last modified in 1970!, but Google & bing pick-it up fine.

    Sounds like a possible conflict with another plugin, or incorrect settings in SEO dashboard ?

    Stickypods general sitemap seems to work ok –, as do some of dumplingsphotography – & &
    marndou11 your sitemap seems to be live –

    For your interest I also use a secondary sitemap generator, so it may be worth trying this one as well –

    Don’t forget you can resubmit your sitemaps through webmaster tools on Bing and Google. You get a tick to show when it is accepted and live in the webmaster tools section. If the full url link to your site-map is incorrect it will show an error. You can submit more than one site map to Google & Bing

    Liyak – you also have your server open to public view, you need to change your server settings to lock your directories down. Some nice images and large file sizes -I picked a random one from your database (1,477,630 bytes)Locking down will help prevent the birthday cakes mum from getting free pictures from you 😉

    Hope some of this info might be useful

    I have my sitemap ending in 404 as well.
    I have to say, my wordpress files are not in the webroot.
    wp-admin, wp-content en wp-includes are in /cms

    I tested it on a site which does have all the files in webroot and it works fine there.

    So can it be it that this ‘move’ of files causes it ?

    Beee – One of your sitemaps seems active:

    What does the health status show in webmaster tools index section.

    Have you checked your robots.txt file? This is yet another basic file that you need to ensure you have on your public_html or root directory. It is a small configuration file that tells search engine bots which to crawl and which not to. You also need to define your sitemap files within the robots.txt. Whenever a search engine bot or spider visits your website, the first thing it checks aside from your .htaccess file is the robots.txt. The bot checks which can be crawled within your entire website and which are prohibited. With the sitemap defined within your robots.txt, you are helping and guiding the spider bots which pages to crawl.

    That is not the site which has the error…
    I can’t disclose the domain with the error now…

    my website works fine, which is the site I mentioned when I said I tested it.

    Just tested it on some more domains, both in and outside of webroot…

    So far I only get errors on one domain… No clue why…

    Disabling all plugins and changing the template didn’t bring a solution either…

    Hope Yoast comes up with an answer/update soon.

    Have you tried completely removing and reinstalling yoast?

    yes I did, no difference

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