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  • PMoffitt


    I would like to report a potential bug (or perhaps my incompetence) in creating a sitemap.xml file. I am testing the plugin on a dev server (not live).
    The seo plugin says my sitemap is now located at, but the file doesn’t exist. It even ‘updates’ the missing file:
    03:49:35: Starting to generate output.
    03:49:35: 11 posts of type post found.
    03:49:35: 13 posts of type page found.
    03:49:35: 0 posts of type wpsc-product-file found.
    03:49:35: 18 taxonomy entries of type category found.
    03:49:35: 0 taxonomy entries of type post_tag found.
    03:49:35: 20 taxonomy entries of type wpsc_product_category found.
    23 WP E-Commerce categories found.
    117 WP E-Commerce products found.
    03:49:35: Sitemap successfully (re-)generated with 203 URLs.
    03:49:35: Sitemap successfully gzipped.
    883KB of memory used.

    When I create a sitemap.xml file manually on the server, and give full permission, then update the sitemap thru the plugin, it deletes the file! Can you point me to advice on how to fix this?
    Thank you in advance for your time,

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  • eggbilly


    I’d like to know this too please. Where is the sitemap>?



    I had the same problem and it appears that the sitemap.xml file is hosted by Yoast on a CDN rather than on your own site.




    Thanks Andrew. I did see references to sitemap in the plugin directories.

    I’m using a CDN of my own for speed purposes.



    same problem here.
    but the sitemap.xml.gz exists and is valid for google webmaster tool

    I am having the same problem. The site map is created properly at the location of /wp-content/uploads/wpseo/sitemap.xml.gz.

    What’s not happening is it’s not being copied or moved to the document root directory. See–SCO update.

    On, appears to be properly generated. from within the plug-in after generating a new site map,I can click on it then see it. what I can’t do is find it with FTP?

    I can’t find any other subdirectories?

    what I can’t seem to locate is WP Rewrite which is the function that supposed to move these to the document root directory.

    The sitemap is where it should be:

    Viewable in browser, but does not show in that place on my FTP client. As said above, it is in /wp-content/upload/sitemap.xml and xml.gz. Try there. Not sure why it is not physically moving there or if that is the way this is designed to work.

    Can webmaster tools find it?


    Yes, for Google – resubmitted and checked before I wrote this. I don’t use the others. (I know, I know, just not enough hours in a day.)


    Your doing fine it’s some kind of a hidden file. As long as Google finds it.
    Thats what spoused to happen.

    Your way ahead of me.


    Im having a similar issue on 2 sites.
    One uses a sub domain for any uploads, they other the default location. Both upload locations have a wpseo folder containing both the xml and gzip sitemaps.

    However the page the plugin links to for the sitemaps displays no content, but if i view the source the sitemap info is there. Webmaster tools is telling me the sitemap could not be found!

    Could somebody that has a site map that shows up in Google Webmaster tools
    share there .htaccess file?

    Many Thanks if you do!

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