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  • Resolved Agnes


    II used to use Google XML sitemap generator but like Yoast SEO plugin in general, and some of the XML sitemap functions also.

    However, there is one thing I find in the former, and ot in this plugin, is the capability to set priority for pages, posts etc.

    I see on the generated sitemap however that the plugin does set priorities, but I wonder based on what parameters?

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  • Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Currently you can’t and it’s not necessary, trust me.



    OK, that is fine….
    In any case I guess thatv is all good enough.? Excellent, even!

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk



    Hello Joost,
    Is there a way to set priority for pages, posts, posttypes, etc.?

    I’m working on an e-commerce project with WP + TheCartPress + WordPress SEO

    Excepting the home, pages are very minor. The blog is used as a complementary tool of marketing.
    But most important are the products (post type) and the terms of a taxonomy (product categories), All efforts and plugin configuration is set in this way, but looking sitemaps priorities are contrary to my interests.
    Is there any way I can control this?
    What influence does priority on search engine rankings?

    Thank you, your plugin is awesome! I love the SEO Tools When editing a product.
    Thanks in advanced



    In the meantime I found out you can change the priority PER post / page . custom post on an individual basis.
    Yet, in your case you d need do it per type…

    Hi, Yes I need it by post type..
    Is there a way?

    It is possible with Yoast’s WordPress SEO on a per post/page basis.

    When editing a post scroll down to the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” box.

    It has 4 tabs at the top: General | Page Analysis | Advanced | Social

    Select the “Advanced” tab.

    Here you can now select your option next to “Sitemap Priority”.

    Hey, Joost, great plugin at all! I’m come from All-in-One and impressed with quality of your plugin!

    But I think is important to configure the “Prio” level of the items. In my case, for example, I have a WooCommerce instalation and all products have 60% and they should have 100%.

    Obviously the plugin can’t know this kind of information, so it’s important to us to configure the Prio levels.

    There’s some plan to include this kind of option in future releases?

    I agree with Zemel, it is a great tool. Joost, you say it is not necessary. What in your code is deciding what priority a certain page gets? The annoying thing for me is that my least priorited pages get the highest priority % as it is right now. If it is not important, why not set them all to 100% then?

    Yeah what about prio???

    Phil C


    +1 on this

    hi @joost de Valk

    why its it not necessary?


    Hi Joost,

    I am using your plugin on other sites and don’t want priority setting of same.

    But i am building directory of one of my client at

    Sitemap address is default and if you see tag, category & location priority are set to 20% and i want to set them 60%.

    Can by any chance we can change this…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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