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  • Hi Guys,

    Getting the same error –

    Everything was working fine just before updating Yoast WordPress SEO plugin version 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 I had enabled strip category in previous version. Now after updating to latest version it is causing error category permalink wrong redirection.

    When I try to see post under category, it is redirecting me to some particular post and some category is showing 404 not found error.

    My website URL –

    Please help me to fix this error.

    Same issue here… was able to get things working again by unchecking “Enforce a trailing slash on all category and tag URL’s”. Otherwise all category pages went to a 404 or a post with the name of the category in the post title name.

    Thank you so much for your answer.

    Can you please tell me where I can find the option to uncheck “Enforce a trailing slash on all category and tag URL’s”. As I am using latest version of yoast SEO v1.2.5

    I am unable to find this option.

    Thank you so much guys,

    I have resolved my problem by unchecking “Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL”. under permalinks settings of Yoast plugin.

    Same issue here.

    We use google webmaster tools and was checking a few things out then noticed the /category-sitemap.xml was giving a 404 error to google so we checked and yes it was 404.

    We then logged into wordpress clicked on seo tab clicked on xml sitemap tab and just clicked on save settings to see if that would fix. It did not and then our strip catagory links where all 404 as well.

    Then we clicked on save setting after making sure the button was still checked for removing the catagory/ part of the url’s and now they work again. However the /category-sitemap.xml is still giving 404 error to google.

    Anyone have a solution to the xml sitemap 404 yet after removing the category via permalinks?

    Try this 420friendly:

    1. Remove the sitemap. Save.
    2. Remove strip category. Save.
    3. Add sitemap. Save.
    4. Add strip category. Save.

    Check link 420friendlysite.something/category-sitemap.xml

    Still 404?

    Thanks guys.

    Removing and then re-adding the stip category has worked for me.

    I still get the sitemap 404 on this page after doing it anyway I try it… http://site . com/category-sitemap.xml

    I too am having the same problems as 420friendly.

    I have disabled ‘Strip Category Base’ and ‘Enfore trailing slash’ until the obvious bug is solved.

    However, my category-sitemap.xml leads to a 404.

    I have tried enabling and disabling sitemaps, but nothing seems to change.

    My website is visible at if that helps in any way.

    420friendly – have you managed to fix it? If so, how? I’m really fond of Yoast’s plugin and don’t want to have to uninstall it and rebuild a new sitemap…

    WordPress SE0 causing 404 errors on category / blog posts since upgrading to 3.4.1

    I went through a lot of troubleshooting and figured it was the cause ( )

    Such a great plugin, but have disabled it for now until issue gets resolved.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’m quite new to WordPress, so would it be possible for you to outline the alternatives you’ve chosen to use whilst temporarily disabling WordPress SEO?

    For example, I know I would need a Google XML plugin, but is there anything else?

    Another alternative could be to disable ‘Categories-sitemap’ for now. Perhaps this is a more viable solution?

    have you tried reachgrounds solution of adding and removing? i’ve done it myself and it seems to work

    I have indeed tried that, but my category-sitemap still leads to a 404 page. :/

    I have excluded the category taxonomy until the bug is fixed. I’m half tempted to disable the XML section of WordPress SEO and use another sitemap plugin for now. Would this be okay to do?

    Hi…I resolved this problem with plugin clearing the option ”Enforce a trailing slash on all URL categories and tags” on SEO plugin menu ”Permanent links”. Did Work to me. It’s only clearing this option.


    I cleared the option above and too the option enable the sitemap in the plugin. As i use another plugin for sitemap (Google XML Sitemaps Plugin), this option (sitemap) in this plugin is not necessary to me. So, I cleared both options.

    This erro (erro 404 in the categories ) appeared after atualization of plugin for the last version (1.2.5).

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