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  • Since I’ve updated in the end of June (it was a major change for this plugin), I started to see 404 errors in Google webmaster tools. It’s look like this :
    They all started with “search” and finishing with “page #/

    My “Noindex subpages of archives” was checked.
    Is anybody has an idea what is it?

    I’m getting this as well. Deactivated all plugins and just ran my site with WordPress SEO and I get 404s on all category archive pages. Deactivated Yoast’s plugin for the time being.

    This is my site: (WordPress SEO deactivated)

    Weird, seem to have fixed it by turning “Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.” off and on.

    Reactivated the plugin now, and monitoring it closely.

    I have had a number of issues with Yoast’s SEO plugin (which I normally LOVE – it’s always been great) since updating from WordPress 3.3 to 3.4, 3.4.1.

    I am now at WordPress v3.4.1 with WordPress SEO v1.2.5. The issue started after updating to WP v3.4.1 (as far as I can tell.) What happens is the “Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.” function is causing 404s on all category pages. The way I’ve temporarily fixed it is by returning to the WordPress SEO > Permalinks page and hitting “Save Settings” to re-submit the “Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.” function. The problem with this fix is every time I edit a page, post, category, or other type of content I must return to that page and hit “Save Settings”.

    This beginning to get exhausting and my site SEO PRO has been nearly de-indexed from google because of the number of 404s produced by this issue. I am afraid that if this isn’t fixed soon my site may be blacklisted.

    @yoast – PLEASE fix this as soon as you can. I appreciate all your hard work and I love your plugins. I’ve donated several times and I just cant let my site go under. I’m the president of an SEO company and I exclusively use your plugin for myself and all my clients. Everything has gone haywire…. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    I didn’t “strip” the category, but getting this 404 errors:
    I don’t understand why is “search”?
    My site is big and it’s not easy to find a good sitemap plugin.

    Same here Yoast, I had to change the settings back to NOT stripping the category base. All of my cat archive pages had 404’d … I believe that was the only damage done. I too have donated and LOVE your plugin, but PLEASE fix this 🙂

    You guys still experiencing problems?

    Yes, I have the same search/3rd2525252252525252525252525252525252525252Bgeneration/page/2/
    404 pages groving every day.

    We are having same issue. The “Strip category base” is enabled but not functioning properly. Its causing 404s site wide.

    The temporary fix is to go back to the WPSEO Permalinks page and hit “Save”. For some reason, the settings dont stay saved if other changes are made.

    This seems to be a critical bug based on everyone’s feedback and the impact on our site.

    Otherwise we love you guys!

    I did it several times, but still getting errors with this “search” in the beginning.

    Is anyone had somehow to contact Yoast?

    I have to say that since deactivating all plugins, reactivating, turning “strip category base” off and on and setting permalinks a few times the problem has gone away on my site.

    I did the same several times, it didn’t help. I think, I have to find a different one, because my 404 errors doubled

    This seem to be a thread close enough to my problem. Would prefer not to start a new one. Better if we add it up so Yoast sees it 🙂

    Before using Yoast WordPress SEO I used another SEO-plugin together with a dedicated sitemap plugin. Since Yoast has both SEO and Sitemap I deinstalled the other one.

    I was very happy to see the “Strip category base” setting. I don’t see the reason to have “category”, especially since my site is in swedish. Anyway, I activated XML-sitemap and went to bed. The next day I was randomly browsing my site and realised all my categories had a 404. Panic! But saving the settings again solved it.

    It’s not until just now I figured out how it works. Whenever I press “Save Settings” in XML-sitemap the category base comes back. I have no idea what relation they have but at least I figured out what caused it. Hopefully there’s a fix to this soon as I’m getting a bit paranoid when I’m using the plugin now. Everytime I save I have to check the site to see if it’s broken.

    The site is here –

    If you see a broken category, please tell me 🙂

    All the best!


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