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    If I select “Redirect attachment URL’s to parent post URL”, in the permalinks section, I assumed that if I right click and select copy shortcut on an embedded picture in a post, I would get the link for the post (and not directly to the jpg file). That is not how it is working for me. Am I misunderstanding this feature?

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  • anyone?

    What you described is what happened for me when enabled.

    I really wanted to use this feature. However, this setting redirected ALL images in a post to the URL (I had hoped it only redirected the thumbnail/featured image [or whatever its called now]). I have often have multiple images in my posts that are inserted smaller with a “click to enlarge” message, which in the past, it simply served the larger photo – but with this setting enabled it redirected the user to the post for all images thus making the “click to enlarge” not functional any longer. For me then this setting was not useful.


    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    It does exactly what it is designed to do though 🙂

    Thanks for your response and work with this plugin.


    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    My pleasure 🙂

    I have a similar bug – but in my case it’s making my photo essays impossible to use. If I start with a wordpress post with a “gallery” in it, the gallery displays well, but clicking on any thumbnail just redirects you back to the start page.

    Anyone know a way around this? Otherwise the feature is fantastic.

    Once enabled — it CANNOT BE DISABLED. 🙁 So — we’ve got a site stuck with a Gallery that can’t be used …

    ah… well I did manage to disable it. That wasn’t a problem. You should double check the settings. but yes, I can’t use the feature because it wrecks galleries. Glad to know I’m not alone!

    Not working as of WP 3.4+

    Caused several thousand 404 errors 🙁


    I’m curious. I enabled “Redirect attachment URL’s to parent post URL.” in the Yoast SEO plugin. Shortly after I began to notice errors in my Google WebMaster account. I initially suspected it was a strange link created from drafts, but now I am thinking it may be the fact that I activated this feature. I have no proof, but has anyone seen a string like this and have any clues on resolving it? I’m obviously doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

    Google and SEOMoz report this:;%20?%3E

    The URL should be:

    Looks off-topic. Do you have a Login link on that page pointing to a file that isn’t named .php?


    Sorry if this off-topic, just I can’t find a reference to this anywhere else. To answer question, no I don’t think so.

    You don’t have a Login on the page? At all? Because that’s what’s popping up is Login code. It appears to be a template issue … where it’s not parsing PHP. Go to the correct URL and “View Source” so you can narrow down where it’s coming from.

    Thanks for the help and troubleshooting direction.

    Best Regards.

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