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    Hi, I have on all sites where I use the Version the problem that under Snippet Preview it looks like this:

    Snippet Preview:
    Looking for the Best Wheeled ong>onong>g>Kidsong>onong>g> ong>Luggageong>?
    Feb 27, 2011 … For younger children, parents can opt for coach ong>onong>g>ong>diaperong>ong>onong>g> bags during travel. These types of ong>onong>g>ong>onong>ong>onong>g>g>ong>onong>g>

    it looks UGLY. And I have checked everything but cannot find the problem. I have deactivated also ALL other plugins but these info stays the same??

    Can anyone help? Many thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I’ve had the report a couple of times but I’m finding it incredibly hard to reproduce… Which version of WP are you on?

    I run the latest version 3.1, upgraded over the weekend. But the error happend also with the last one.

    I have the same problem. I have several blog pages – as far as I can tell, all settings are the same. However, only on this one page, I get the title and description with the ong> garbage in the fields. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    Same problem on my girlfriends site. 3.1 stable multisite (was happening before 3.1 also)

    For what it’s worth, the plugin doesn’t show itself in the plugins list either.

    It only seems to be when the snippet is auto-updated that it causes errors. If you paste in the title it displays fine, until you edit the desc then both go wonky.
    On the front-end the meta data is displayed fine even tho the snippet preview is borked… something to do with the javascript in the backend or something.

    Theme is running latest version of Genesis v1.5.

    Has anyone found a resolution to the >ong showing up in the snippet title and body text?

    SO I think I figured out the bug… need Yoast and others to test.

    My girlfriend had been putting in more than a few keywords into the “Focus Keyword” field… when you then click into the title field or desc field BOOM… all blows up…

    If you remove all the stuff from the Focus Keywords input box and then click into one of the other fields… POOF… back to normal.

    I think that’s your bug!! Please confirm.

    Seems like Yoast fixed this in 0.2.5? No credit but says “Snippet preview quicker than ever and it no longer blows up some browsers”…

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Well it should fix it yeah, mostly because I redid that entire piece and moved it all to client side javascript without using AJAX, huge performance improvement there.

    We still have this issue using version It occurred for us when we added the following:

    Focus Keyword:Likes on Facebook
    Title: Attract Likes on Facebook
    which produced:Attract ong>Likesong> on Facebook

    This also messed up the meta but the moment you delete the focus word the title is resolved but the description still has issues. If you change the problem word in the description then….POOF… back to normal.

    In our case the problem word was ‘Likes’

    Looks like the bug still exists.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Found some issues that could be the cause of this, the next release will try and fix, please report back after upgrading to 0.3, which is coming in a few days.

    @chuck Reynolds, your fix worked. I’ve got the latest version of the plugin and I’m working on WordPress 3.1.

    Taking the text out of the “Focus Keyword” field…resolved the snippet from displaying wrong.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    The bug was fixed and the problem word wasn’t “like” it was “on” and “strong” 🙂

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