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  • Dear Community,

    I am wondering if i can make the great two plugins “WordPress SEO by Yoast” and “Advanced custom fields” to work together.

    To start with, it works great, but when i use Advanced custom fields and my clients or myself try to do the “Focus keywords check”, it doesnt seem to scan the content for the keywords that is used in an custom field (generated by ACF).

    Is it possible to make this focus keyword checker, check the content in those customized fields aswell?

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  • +1 on this request.
    I’ve noticed this problem now that i’m working on a new website template and i arrived to this thread by searching about yoast seo + ACF.

    I don’t know if is a problem of Yoast SEO that don’t see the custom fields contents or ACF that don’t send infos in a way that Yoast Seo plugin can read them.

    Another user into the ACF support forum already asked and get in touch with yoast, but then, since june 2011, the thread was in a dead point without replies:

    I don’t know if the two devs ever met/chat about this integration, so i think that the only thing to do is to ask both and wait for a reply.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Not planning on it at the moment, to be honest…

    To bad : = {

    Just to know it, it’s something that must be modified in SEO plugin or in ACF?
    Because if i have an input i could start to make a modify just for myself as i’m learning php stuff..


    In the meantime we could start to make custom fields for Title and Description and then dynamically put into each post/page through if else into the header without using an extra dedicated plugin.

    Of course we don’t have all the useful tools, but better than nothing…

    @rics1983 What do you mean with dynamically put into each post/page? The title and description are set in the WordPress SEO (yoast) plugin itself..

    It would be cool to know if the keyword scans on a certain database table and or if we could adjust is with the ACF records in the database.

    Or am i thinking to much? :))

    I meant to deactivate the yoast plugin and create with ACF a custom field block (SEO Custom field) with a couple of custom fields, one text for the title, and one textarea for the description.
    I don’t care about keywords as not more recognized by google.

    Then you can get these two custom fields for each post/page calling in the header a couple of variables:
    "$title = get_field('title_field_name');"
    "$description = get_field('description_field_name')"

    Then to retrieve them you can simply follow this guide and the codex:

    I know that’s not something paragonable to the yoast plugin and you have to be careful to the text limits for title and description yourself, but at least i don’t have activated a plugin to use at less of half of his potential.

    It would be cool to know if the keyword scans on a certain database table and or if we could adjust is with the ACF records in the database.

    Well, the scanning tool is lost if we don’t use Yoast SEO plugin…but yes, i’m curious to know how the keyword density tool work and inside the plugin, into the admin/linkdex folder i’ve found this php file: “TextStatistics.php”.

    If it’s the file responsible for the keyword density check and if it could be in a someway integrable with ACF to scan fields, it could be really a useful tool inside ACF…

    Seems that the previously mentioned file don’t have nothing with keyword density…in the meantime i’ve found this php code:

    hi Joost,

    +1 for this request. Not sure if it’s possible to overload any functions you’ve created to pickup additional ACF fields. We use ACF on a LOT of websites and this would be such a huge benefit to our customers. ACF picks up where WP leaves off as a CMS for most of our clients 🙂

    Could you maybe point me in the right place and I’ll take a look at doing this myself? I’ve used your plugin (and advice!) in our business for a very long time … so want to make amends but still allow the plugin to update!

    Thanks for any help,


    +1 Pretty please!

    Anyone found a work around for this while Yoast team add this functionality to the plugin? Both plug-ins are great, it would be greater if they worked together!


    I use ACF a lot and my clients are always asking why their SEO scores aren’t better even thought their content is relevant.

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