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    Despite the recent fixes, page titles are still not working properly for the homepage / posts page when a static homepage is chosen.

    On a default installation:

    a) The homepage displays no title at all. This is because the plugin only checks for either the overridden title, or the title template set on the options page. These are both blank by default, so nothing shows up.

    What it should display: (Static page title) – (Website name). This is how every single other page of the site works by default. Title field + title template can then override this if filled out.

    b) Posts page just displays just the website name. This makes no sense; when a static homepage / posts page is chosen it is because you have a blog that isn’t the center of your website, and you want a Blog page.

    What should display: (Title of posts page) – (Website name), unless overridden etc.

    In both cases, these can of course be fixed by filling in a custom title in the SEO fields. But it’s a pain having to fill these in as special cases every time – both are poor SEO wise with the default installation.

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  • Just the website name for the static homepage would suffice too, since now that I think about it, Home – xxx isn’t normally needed. But definitely not nothing.

    Still broken 4 months later. Very simple to fix too.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    If you’d upgrade, you’d see it IS actually fixed 🙂

    OK, sorry, I had just looked at b), which is still broken – it’s still just showing the name of the website, which as mentioned above doesn’t make any sense. a) is indeed fixed.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    If you don’t want it to show the name of the website, set a title for that specific page. It defaults to the website name – tagline format because “Home – Website Name”, which would normally be the title in most cases then, makes less sense. If you, however, specify an SEO title on that page, that will be used. That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

    Hm, maybe I’m not being clear, because the title would never normally be ‘Home – Website Name’ for what I’m talking about.

    Just in case you are misunderstanding, here is how I would set up a website for any company at all where the blog is just one part of the larger company website:

    Homepage – title tag is ‘Company ABC’
    About page – title tag is ‘About – Company ABC’
    FAQ page – title tag is ‘FAQ – Company ABC’
    Blog page – title tag is ‘Our Blog – Company ABC’.

    Can’t imagine any scenario where you would want the last one in that list to be ‘Company ABC’ like the plugin does, or ‘Home – Company ABC’ like you mentioned above.

    As it stands, the plugin is completely ignoring the title you give to the blog page you create in WordPress – that seems wrong to me. But if you think this is how it should work, fair enough – I’ll just have to keep overriding it. Just means if a company wants to change the name of their blog, they have to do it in two separate places – the title of the page, and then the manually overridden SEO title.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    You’re wrong, it’s not ignoring it. It’s using, in order:

    – the SEO title, if there is one;
    – the blog page’s title applied to the page title template if that’s set;
    – as a last resource: the site’s name and tagline

    That last bit is confusing though, I understand that. So I’m changing it to:

    %%title%% %%page%% - %%sitename%%

    for the next version.

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