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    WordPress version: 3.3.2.
    WordPress SEO version: 1.2.1.

    Is it possible to have an option to remove columns of SEO Title, Meta Desc. and Focus KW when viewing from Posts -> All posts?

    This messes up everything and now the article title goes in 5 and more lines I have to scroll down a lot.

    Option to remove it or enble it would be great.

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  • Yoast…

    This is s pretty huge deal, even on a cinema screen monitor. Initially, I thought the WordPress SEO columns were fantastic, but all the added columns really clutter the All POSTS/PAGES area. This is especially true if a person already has other plugins adding columns to these areas.

    For instance…

    I have the “Reveal IDs” plugin ( enabled, to show the IDs of all POSTS/PAGES and etc. This plugin added 1 column, with the numerical ID only.

    Your plugin added 4 columns.

    When I view All POSTS in full screen mode, on a 23 inch Apple Cinema Display, the “Title” and “Author” columns have already started bunching. So those with a smaller monitor and/or not viewing the page in full-screen, are simply presented with a garbled mess, in the “Title” column.

    I suggest only adding the visual “Color” icon column and dropping all other columns. I would drop the remaining 3 columns in both All POSTS and All PAGES.

    Your plugin is (and has been) very solid. You have done a fantastic job with its development and the support after release.

    For visual people, like myself however, three of the additional columns added (), in the latest plugin version, are visually distracting and un-needed.


    If one were to use the Codepress Admin Columns plugin (, one can enable/disable columns, and specify column width (by percentage).

    However, A WORD OF CAUTION: The Codepress Admin Columns plugin has a little glitch in that it has to be set to default settings before modifying plugins, which may have been installed/activated/deactivated after the Codepress Admin Columns plugin was installed and configured. Otherwise, it may do WEIRD things to your column order and widths.

    This glitch is not seen all the time, and I have not been able to single out any specific plugins that may be causing the problem. I do know that I experienced it with the Reveal IDs plugin, but can’t yet prove which plugin caused the issue.

    Just want to chime in that the new columns are a drag. Frankly, I didn’t think twice about hitting update because I wouldn’t have expected a change like that without a heads up first. No mention in the Changelog (which I always check before an update.) Maybe you can give us an opt out? Hate the idea of having to add another plugin or try some other workaround but the title display and scrolling is killing me.

    I’m glad I started this thread seeing I’m not the only one. Every time i go to All posts I’m thinking of removing this plugin which I love for what it is suppose to do. Yoast hear us up. Give us the option to remove those columns.

    we agree – the additional posts_columns are very disturbing.

    for those who can’t wait (like us) just edit the plugin file
    scroll to the end of the page
    end comment-out the last line
    //$wpseo_metabox = new WPSEO_Metabox();

    i know these changes will be lost on the next update and hacking a plugin is not the best idea, so please YOAST make these columns optional.

    I too had an issue with this and kept an eye on this thread for a solution.
    I just accidentally discovered that the columns can be turned off. If you are in your admin screen, look at the top right hand corner. There you see “Screen Options”
    Click to open and select the columns you want to see.
    This cleared this issue up for me.

    Am.. ar.. 🙂 lol. yup you are right. Go to screen options and uncheck what you don’t want. Worked for me too.

    So hacking the plug or update is not necessary.

    Let us know if this worked for the rest of you so we can close this thread.

    Big thanks ARToinet!

    @artoinet/donsekkle: The screen options are individual options for every single user. this method also requires to un-check the columns at every article, page or custom post. this is no alternative for an opt-out checkbox within the plugins options.

    Well, yes for every user, but once you uncheck what you don’t want it stays like that.

    Im not sure what you mean right now about columns at every article, page or custom post.

    yes, it works for a single user, but everybody must do the same. This is annoying.

    Please Yoast add an option for admins to manage who can see this fields.

    Unchecking the columns in screen options works fine by me. Why didn’t I think of that? Problem solved. Thanks for the solution ARToinet.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I added a filter for this in 1.2.2, which allows you to disable it. See the WordPress SEO API Docs.

    Can you clarify which filter? Even better if you could tell us exactly what code to enter in which file to disable the new column. Thank you!

    Never mind – found it in the Screen Options dropdown.

    To “ARToinet”…

    Thank you soo much for sharing this tip. My problem solved!!!!:-)

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