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  • Wordpess SEO by Yoast v1.2.2

    ISSUE NO.1: The Google News sitemap isn’t being generated. No sitemap at (You can replace with to see it for yourself.)

    ISSUE NO.2: The “Google News” tab under WordPress SEO by Yoast widget in the post editor is missing!

    So, basically, it looks like the News Sitemap module for WordPress SEO by Yoast is incompatible with the latest version of either the plugin (v1.2.2) or WordPress (v3.4)

    Please take a look at this Joost, thanks!

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  • you can go back to the 1.1.9 version but Raven has just updated the

    XML Sitemap Feed and it works perfect too!

    At least there’s some choices since it’s not looking like the module on WordPress SEO will be updated any time soon.

    I went ahead and keep the new WordPress SEO plugin and installed XML Sitemap Feed. Only problem is it doesn’t include post images like Yoast’s news sitemap does.

    I’m willing to donate some money for this plugin to be updated.

    Word from Joost:

    I’m working on updating that [News SEO module] right now. It’s going to work as a normal plugin that requires WordPress SEO by Yoast installed, instead of as a module, so I can properly update it through


    thanks for the update!!!

    Hi all !

    to solve the tab mistake, in xml-news-sitemap-class.php replace it :

    echo '<li class="news"><a href="javascript:void(null);">'.__('Google News').'</a></li>';


    echo '<li class="news"><a class="wpseo_tablink" href="#wpseo_news">'.__('Google News' ).'</a></li>';

    We have one another mistake in the Google News Tab.
    When you add a new post, the checkbox is unchecked by default. So if you see the WordPress SEO code if the value different to ‘off’ the checkbox must be checked.
    But when you create a new post, wordpress autosave it, and save le post meta box in off value ???

    Anyone has an idea to solve it ?


    I am new to all this – love this plug in & have followed all instructions, BUT nothing seems to be getting to the search engines – eg Nothing comes up on Google Search. Am i missing something? Do I need to install XML Sitemap Feed? Thanks

    have made some progress. got google webmaster tools to open up – no sitemap had been loaded, BUT was able to manual load up the SEO sitemap_index.xml file and it worked. has been loaded by google. now just waiting for it to be indexed. question remains as to why WP SEO did not load it to google?

    the sitemap doesn’t load itself onto Google Webmaster Tools since it would need your login and all that to do.

    You just input the sitemap address into the Tools and that’s it. It’ll go through and index away for ya!

    thanks..finally figured that out. I did the input and can now see that ONE page has been indexed. How long does it take for the other 35 pages to be indexed? I still cannot find site when I do a google search (cleared cache and previous history)!

    another – does this mean that every time I change a page i have to put sitemap address into the Tools again?

    easiest way to check is just do this


    Just put your website address in that above and you’ll see exactly how many pages are indexed along with images and videos.

    Once you put the sitemap in it’s in there. If you have a robots.txt file for your site, I would put your sitemap in that too since that tells the search engines to go there.

    That’s it, pretty simple thankfully!


    Just to add weight to this, I have this issue too; an empty news sitemap on (and a couple of other sitemap pages appear don’t seem to load)

    @gooma2 and everyone else who care: It’s been 6 days, since the last update from Joost, and it’s been hard waiting, considering the seriousness of the situation. But here comes some good news…

    Joost has released v1.2.4 of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, and he says that this is a much needed update that is “required” for the upcoming update to New SEO module / plugin to work. Precisely, Joost tweeted:

    needed this fix [v1.2.4] for that, news is next

    So, stay patient. 🙂 Cheers!

    PS: No ETA for News sitemap plugin though. But we can expect it soon.

    Excellent news @aahan.

    I have this vision of Yoast sitting at his machine, with a damp towel wrapped around his head, coding hard. I’m going to go make a donation to at least cover a pizza and some energy drinks right now 🙂

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