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  • I have a multisite install that I am working on for a school district running on a:

    -Windows 2008 R2 server
    -IIS 7
    -PHP 5.3.13
    -MySQL 5.1.57
    -WordPress 3.4.

    Everything is finally going along fine, took a while to get the re-write rules to work, but once I got it working I installed my general stack of plugins, and all of a sudden every ajax request is throwing a 500 internal error.

    To further obscure the problem, this only happens on daughter sites, the primary site has no issues at all. Everything else loads fine except ajax requests. I tried directly loading the admin-adax.php file through the daughter site URL and it properly sends a 0, so the re-write rules are working properly.

    Next, I deactivate all plugins. After a process of elimination, I found that both of the Plugins from Yoast are causing the issue, first I discovered his SEO plugin causing the issue, but after further testing, I found that his Google Analytics plugin is doing the same thing. With both the plugins deactivated the network sites work fine and ajax requests are not a problem. No other plugins in my stack are causing any problem after re-activating them.

    I finally took it one step further and tried activating the plugins on a per-site basis rather than network activating them. Doing it this way, they both actually work fine, no ajax errors. This is good because I think Yoast writes some great plugins and I would be quite disappointed if I was unable to use them on my client sites. However, I think this is both useful info for the community, and hopefully useful for Yoast. It is a very obscure install, but it is a problem. If I am misunderstanding anything, I would most heartily welcome feedback.

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