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  • Resolved anneliesXXX


    Just updated the plugin, already had “%%title%% | %%sitename%%” (without the quotes) as setting for my title template.
    & I’m using qTranslate for my multilingual content.

    I expected a single-language title for my pages, but got all three of them..

    Did I overlook something in this new version of the plugin? Or is there a malcommunication with qTranslate? With the previous version that i used of WordPress SEO (1.5.1) it was okay..

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  • Ok, in the meanwhile i re-installed WordPress SEO version 1.5.1, because that does the trick for me..

    I use qTranslate and SEO by Yoast too. Do you know, how to use a unique meta description / title for every language.
    An answer would be very helpful.

    I have the same problem…

    If I use [sv:]Swedish[:en]English[:fr]French

    Only the english title appears on all languages.

    I read reverting to an earlier version of wordpress SEO fixes the problem but thats not a very good sollution….

    The script hack sollutions that worked on earlier version does not seem to apply.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I don’t and will not support qTranslate. Sorry.

    Dat is erg jammer Joost, Europeanen zoals wij zijn vaak twee- of meertalig. Op staat uitgelegd hoe het moet.

    Might I (we) inquire as to why? While I’m quite a noob at both SEO and translations, qTranslate seems to be the best solution short of doing a blog for each language (which is a TON of work, especially for non-profits and such that don’t have a lot of resources).

    From my research, qTranslate seems to be the best (only?) solution for people in my situation. I can’t imagine there are not 1000s of us. I’ve read a lot of threads and looked a bit at the ‘hacks’ and while I’m no php developer, I’m not completely ignorant either; it doesn’t seem incredibly far-fetched that such interoperability could happen.

    It’s your plugin of course, but with the international nature of the Net, it seems like making it a bit easier to do this kind of basic multiple-language support would attract a lot of folks to your plugin. It seems you’d only have to make a more stable path to allow qTranslate META to take over those couple fields (as people seemed happy with that in previous versions), or support the generation of those extra fields within the plugin.

    A bit more explanation would help many of us who are struggling. Thanks!

    I am also curious as to why you wont support qtranslate? Do you recommend another multilingual sollution?

    Kindly Lasse



    I have same problem, is there a solution?

    Yes, it would be great to know which multilingual solution you support. Or perhaps none? It would be really great to use you tool on my sites but very few of them are single language unfortunately.

    I’m in need to fit a goog SEO plugin with a multilingual install, ahd came across this thread. Like NickUdd, I’d like to know what Joost suggests: I love his SEO plugin, but I also need to provide quick solutions to my and my clients’ needs.
    Otherwise I’ll be forced to use some other plugin: qTranslate has some limitations but works great for small and low budget projects.
    When money is not a worry, go with WPML (no problems with Yoast).

    @ Tamara-IT – Money isn’t so much the problem (at least for my situation, as my client is a non-profit… free version available), as is implementation and support. I should check back again, but last I looked, WPML seemed like a good amount of work (both implementation and ongoing). I’d love to hear I’m wrong on that!

    And, since qTranslate seems like such a simple solution for low-budget or low amount of effort type applications, I’d love to know more than, ‘I won’t support it.’ And, what solutions would be recommended to best fit with Yoast.

    Is a WordPress multi-site a solution? – on site on / and others on /es/, /de/, /nl/, /fr/, etc

    Then you share the installation and plugins, but the sites can be in a totally different language and have a different configuration. Right?

    Just in case someone is looking for a solution, there is a possible one posted here:

    One more question! If anyone can help that would be great.

    I know that there is an option to include the canonical URL within the Yoast SEO panel on each page and post… however, is there any way to place a

    link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="" onto each page?

    What I am trying to achieve, is to have my english site be the preferred or canonical website, but to include the alternate spanish link in the header.

    English site is the canonical and contains the following tags:
    link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”” /

    Spanish site contains the following tags:
    link rel=”canonical” href=”” /

    I am planning to use manual translation instead of any plugin and therefore need to know how/if i can place the link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” within the SEO plugin

    @ vinx77
    I thought about that initially, when the client brought up the multilingual idea (before doing any research). I’m sure that would work, but would be quite a mess to maintain. A better solution is probably the WPML plugin. However, there is an associated cost (for most) and when I looked into it, it seemed rather complex to get going compared to qTranslate. That may have changed, and I intend to look into it again.

    It seems clear that Yoast isn’t going to officially work with qTranslate, as they won’t even answer these kind of questions. It seems it does work with WPML, from what I’ve read… so I guess that must be about as official word as they are going to give us. (I have no clue why they can’t give us a better answer… there must be some kind of politics or egos involved, etc. Sigh.)

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