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    I’ve been loving the WordPress SEO plugin on a number of sites but I’ve run into a snag on my personal blog.

    It seems that when the plugin is active, the links on my post page stop working.

    Essentially, instead of performing the expected task, when I click the links, a # followed by the task name is added to the URL and nothing else happens.


    Click Edit File Name uptop (…wp-admin/post.php?post=7190&action=edit#post_name) does nothing

    Trying to change the scheduled post time (…wp-admin/post.php?post=7190&action=edit#edit_timestamp) does nothing

    Trying to add tags fills in the tag box but doesn’t wipe out the default text and doesn’t let me add the tags to the post.

    The only links/buttons that appear to work are those directly related to the post input field (bold, italic, link, etc. etc.), those related directly to WordPress SEO and Preview and Publish.

    When I disable the plugin, everything works fine again.

    Not sure if there are any plugins that could be conflicting with it, as that’s the only plugin (that I’m aware of) I’m running that directly affects the post page. But I’m starting to go through and check disabling my other plugins as well.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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  • As a follow-up, the issue only happens after I add content into the WordPress SEO fields. If I go to an older post that doesn’t have any information added (or if I create a new post) I can use all the links until I start filling in the WordPress SEO form fields.

    Found the problem –

    The Holy Scripturizer Plugin:

    Didn’t think that would have anything to do with the Post Page but I guess it does.

    Downside, looks like the project has been closed. Bummer. Guess I’ll have to weed through it myself and see if I can find a fix.

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