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  • Tav Yabe


    Hi, I am having an issue with how my homepage appears on google. When editing my homepage I use the yoast plugin for the SEO title. The problem that I am having is that in the google results it shows the site name followed by the SEO title. For example

    Site name: John Smith | Chartered Accountant
    Homepage SEO Title: Accountant in Arizona

    google results: John Smith | Chartered AccountantAccountant in Arizona

    obviously accountant is the main keyword, along with Arizona as the secondary keyword. What is the best way to reorganise this from an SEO point of view? I like having the site title as it is becuase it includes ‘Accountant’ wherever it appears rather than just John Smith. Should I change the SEO title to just say ‘in Arizona’? or will this be bad for SEO as the title will not have the keyword?

    Many thanks

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  • Same problem here:

    More detail:

    I have installed your SEO plugin. I have a problem : I have no control on the Title and Description of the homepage. When I share on Facebook, it still displays the original Title and Tagline I entered when I installed using Fantastico…

    In my general settings I have removed both the Tagline and the Site Title.

    I use Weaver 2.2.6 and in the Advanced Option>Site Options I have ticked the Use The Seo Plugin instead box. I have also removed the code SEO Tags box (could this be the problem ?)

    Line is open B-)

    well, very loud silence and no help from the creators of the plugin… I have investigated and come to the conclusion that this plugin is simply not delivering on its promises.

    I believe it is simply not possible for the plugin to give users any control on the title and meta description of the homepage, which, let’s face it, is the most important page in SEO term…

    Looking into moving to genesis theme… not free, but would appear “to do what it says on the box”.

    moving on….

    Tav Yabe


    Yeah, the lack of response has pursuaded me to uninstall the plugin and revert to All In One SEO.

    don’t you forget the plugin makers are doiing this voluntary, and have a live of their own?!
    When you are in this much of a hurry you could have tryed to buy him a cup of coffee on his plugin page

    I’m sure that I would have paid much more than a coffee if I had seen some form of interest from the Yoast crew. But I have read many posts on various fora about this exact issue without any reply from them, I also sent them an email…. you they say…. you pay peanuts… you get… so now I am thinking of paying for Genesis…

    Tav Yabe


    I’m not having a dig, I’m very grateful to all the WP coders for all their voluntary work. But I had a problem with the plugin, asked for help, waited a week and then went with a different plugin because it did not have the same problem – no offence or disrespect intended.

    Maybe Joost Valk has also other things to do in life! (family and kid for instance and maybe a payed job)
    My experiance is one of quick response on my questions.
    @ newbiwebi: I asume you’ve payed less than peanuts on this plugin

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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