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  • I am running the latest version of WordPress with the latest version of the plugin on a Wootheme with the most recent framework.

    I installed yesterday and have triple checked all settings for accuracy.

    My post SEO Titles are all changing to the title of an article I wrote a week ago, site wide. When I remove the check from force rewrite titles the article titles change to the SEO Title+Homepage title (but appears to be pulling homepage title from the wordpress settings) no space between SEO Title and Home Page Title.

    I tried modifying the header.php and no luck so I changed it back and clicked force rewrite titles again. Uncheck box, I get the results above. Check it, I get the same title on every post.

    Is this a weird Wootheme conflict or any ideas on how to correct this?

    I would love to continue using the plugin and love it but cannot continue messing with it. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know or I would gladly hire someone that can fix it if that is an option.

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  • Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hmmpf, can’t say i know what’s going on here. Any chance i could get access to that install to have a look?

    Yes Joost. I sent you an email through your website with the relevant information.

    hmm, I have a similar problem.
    putting in the site title duplicates it on the page, so when viewing the header it looks like the following SEOtitleSITEtitle | site tagline

    The SEO title should be hidden like the meta description

    I got around it by adding a blank space in the SEO title box, but not the greatest way around

    Force rewrite

    I get it

    Joost, Did you get my login info?

    I am having the same problem. Duplicate titles on every page. If I remove the Sitename and Site Description from the WP Settings page, it seems to generate the title correctly. But then, anywhere that pulls in the bloginfo(‘sitename’) variable appears empty.

    I like this plugin a lot and so do many of my clients. I am having all sorts of duplicate title issues as well even with the correct code int he title. Any progress?

    I’ll be a little more detailed here…
    Here is the site I am having issues with:

    i’ve replaced the title code with what yoast suggests. I’ve since changed it a bit with:

    <?php if(is_home()) { echo bloginfo("name"); echo " | "; echo bloginfo("description"); } else { echo wp_title('|'); } ?>

    I’m no PHP expert, but to my knowlege that just calls the site title and description on the home page and then leaves the rest to yoast.

    The home page works fine, as do all of the other pages except for one page:

    This is the only page that my client has rewritten the SEO title. The title appears fine, but it runs right into the site title. What am I doing wrong?

    Anybody have any ideas to resolve this? I’m experiencing it on multiple sites. Force rewrite doesn’t seem to help. I either get titles duplicated (like SitenameSitename) or I get every page on my site with the same title.

    I have to believe that others are having these same issues? I have this plugin running on 4 or so WP installations, all of which have had this problem. I was about ready to can this plugin all together, but I have a couple clients that really like the title rewriting preview that shows you the google preview. I have to admit, that is a nice touch.

    At anyrate, I’ve remedied the situation with the following code snippet:

    $site_description = get_bloginfo( 'description', 'display' );
    	if ( $site_description && ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) )
    		echo " $site_description";

    Removing the sites name and description is just not cool. this should solve it. give it a go.

    hello..i installed this plugin and followed the steps in this tutorial (…ugin-by-yoast/). It seems to be working ok but i m facing one major bug. For posts, there is no prob, but for pages it seems to be displaying only one title ..yeah one title for all pages and that title is actually the title of a post……

    see the following pages…s-till-date-2/

    plz help guys 🙁

    I’m having this problem too.

    @jwind Where exactly should I put that code?

    Ah fixed.. I had force rewrite turned on and also rewrote my code. That seemed to be the problem in this case

    I had the same problem. Fixed it by tossing this into my header.php file

    	if ( is_home() )
    		echo "John Majewski - Blog";

    I’m having the same issue after updating the wp seo.

    I try disabling it and then it works. But I really wants to continue with this plugin.

    Please can anyone help me.
    Email – support[at]

    I’ll return the favour

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