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  • I’ve noticed some URL’s in our sitemap weren’t generated correctly.
    Some of them had the site_url missing, which causes errors in Google’s Webmaster Tools and probably other parsers too.

    This happens for both post type and images.
    Where a url should have


    There was


    I’ve solved this in the class-sitemaps.php
    At line +-500, replace:

    $output .= "\t\t<loc>".$url['loc']."</loc>\n";


    if ( strpos($url['loc'], 'http') === false )
    	$output .= "\t\t<loc>".home_url($url['loc'])."</loc>\n";
    	$output .= "\t\t<loc>".$url['loc']."</loc>\n";

    The same goes for the image:loc a bit below.

    I’m not sure what causes this, might be with the statement at line 338:

    if ( strpos($src, 'http') !== 0 )

    should be compared to false instead 0 ?


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  • For the images, it looks like there is a check missing in the loop over attachments in a [gallery .. ] block.

    If attachments start with a slash / as path, the siteurl isn’t added in front of the image path.
    build_tax_map() also doesn’t check this (correctly) because /tag/word url’s are going into the taxonomy sitemap without the full url.

    There are several ways to fix this. Imho this should be added somewhere.
    Unless I’m missing something totally..

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