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  • I found a short video that explains how to use it.

    Step1: Download and install yoast.

    Step2: Do the settings based on steve’s guide as he explains 1 by 1 what the features do well for 90% of the ones that matter anyway

    Step3: This second guide shows how you use it practically everytime you make a post.

    Basically at the bottom of the post is Yoast which you can test how it will appear on the search engine, and your suppose to tailor it for the optimum setting.

    Anyway i got some errors i hope somebody can help me with :{

    This is my page analysis

    A meta description has been specified, but it does not contain the target keyword / phrase.
    The keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.
    The keyword density is 0.93%, which is a bit low, the keyword was found 1 times.
    The images on this page do not have alt tags containing your keyword / phrase.
    The keyword / phrase does not appear in the URL for this page. If you decide to rename the URL be sure to check the old URL 301 redirects to the new one!
    There are 107 words contained in the body copy, this is below the 300 word recommended minimum. Add more useful content on this topic for readers.
    No heading tags appear in the copy.
    The meta description is under 120 characters, however up to 140 characters are available. The available space is shorter than the usual 155 characters because Google will also include the publication date in the snippet.
    The copy scores 78.5 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered fairly easy to read.
    The page title contains keyword / phrase, at the beginning which is considered to improve rankings.
    The page title is more than 40 characters and less than the recommended 70 character limit.
    This page has 2 outbound link(s).

    I need help especially for the errors showing

    “The keyword / phrase does not appear in the URL for this page.”


    “No heading tags appear in the copy.”

    Any ideas ?

    my site

    Moogle Stiltzkin


    Hi astro, thx for the tippys.

    I read that force rewrite may not be the best solution to use.

    When i went to my header.php i see this code mentioning title

    <?php $the_title = wp_title(' - ', false); if ($the_title != '') : ?>
        <title><?php echo wp_title('',false); ?> | <?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>
    <?php else : ?>
    	<title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?><?php if ( $paged > 1 ) echo ( ' - page '.$paged ); ?></title>

    I don’t know if this will interfere with the yoast title code if i put there. Also i’m not sure where exactly to put the code, the guide doesn’t mention that, it just says put it in header, but not where exactly :{

    Moogle Stiltzkin


    i’m confused. That zip file says it’s free seo, but the description says it’s mostly about making your site https, which coincidentally i am also interested.

    May i ask though, if this plugin also does SEO, why use it when Yoast is supposed to be an all in one SEO ?

    Are they compatible with each other ? Or will their SEO over lap with each other unnecessarily ?

    Moogle Stiltzkin


    Actually i think that plugin you posted is this actually

    Moogle Stiltzkin


    Hi AstroGremlin,

    yes this article and forum thread IS about the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin. I’m not confused about that.

    What i am confused is, why Arsu

    asked me to go download a plugin he said is SEO (not related to yoast), when actually it was a plugin for https ….. after i checked the readme, and looked for plugin author … i even pointed this out to him what the relevance this plugin he asked me to download install has in relation to setting up yoast header.php on my site …..

    And now i find that Arsu changed/deleted his post, and now you are claiming me to be confused what i am talking about …. he also removed the download link for that file he asked me to download ….

    Now i suspect he was trying to trick to me to installing some virus or malicious script onto my blog.

    Maybe you didn’t see his message because he deleted it before you saw it 😡 anywayz….

    See i uploaded an image of what i’m talking about

    AstroGremlin, i thought you were him because i didn’t realize Arsu had deleted his post. Sorry about that mix up.

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