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    How can I remove the rel=author tag from the header for all pages? I use another plugin, AuthorSure, that handles this in a better way.

    Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode of SEO Braintrust recommend not linking to the author’s Google Plus page from every page on the site. Rather, they recommend linking to the site’s author page using rel=”author” and then to the Google Plus page from the site’s author page using rel=”me”.

    This way less “juice” gets lost from the WP site. I want to follow this recommendation, which is why I prefer to use the AuthorSure plugin for this.

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  • Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    First of all, don’t “Dan and Leslie recommend this and that” me. I know them, we agree on almost everything regarding to SEO, you’re just not understanding what they’re saying.

    They mean: do not put a <a href= link to Google+ every time, as that, indeed, leaks link juice. A <link element in the header does not.

    There is a way to remove the <link element if you don’t want it, but I think you’re really misunderstanding what Dan and Leslie are saying, especially as their advice predates them (and me) knowing of this option for author highlighting.

    No, with all due respect, I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand what they’re saying. They were very specific in a coaching call a few months back. Even a link in the header counts as PageRank juice loss.

    Besides, if there is a way of removing the link, why not just tell me what it is rather than arguing with me?

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I’ll ask Dan to come in and clear it up.

    The authors of AuthorSure are Dan and Leslie’s students, which further supports the idea that they programmed their plugin to emulate the exact behavior Dan and Leslie have recommended.

    Now boys …
    We can’t have friends fighting – esp in public – so let’s put all that stuff away shall we? 🙂

    Walt: Joost is correct. There is no such thing as “a link in the head section” and “link”, confusing as it is, is not a link – only a tags are links. Yes, weird, and the writers of HTML could have helped us all out just a bit, but that’s done.

    The link (tag) in the head section is just fine.

    Joost and the BrainTrust (speaking for the other half here) are actually on the same page on this and whatever miscommunication there was on our coaching call I hope has been cleared up here (and in the discussion we are finishing up in private chat).

    May I please have an answer to my original question? If offended you, I most sincerely apologize. That was never my original intention. I certainly have high regard for you and all you do. Otherwise, I would not be using your plugin.

    All I want to know is how to make that change in the plug-ins settings.


    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Check the WordPress SEO API Docs, especially the filters section 🙂

    dont know if you got an answer.. go to the edit area for your plugins.. select wordpress seo and do a search (ctrl+f or cmmd+f) for “front” is a big list and itll jump out then.. ctrl+f again for rel=”author .. theres only two or three files so it may take a second to find it..

    if the page won’t validate. a little tip for taking out the meta=”property that causes errors use the same method and replace all instances of meta=”property to meta=”name .. itll be in one of the opengraph files.

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