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    Already for a long time I have been walking around with this question and I have been reading a lot about this topic. But I still don’t know the perfect answer on the question: what is the best way to do SEO for a blog with hardly any textual content?

    I run the blog for my step dad. He is a visual artist which uses this wordpress blog as an up-to-date portfolio. Every day he puts one or two posts on it with inside only a .JPG file of one of his art works (he has a huge archive and still is very productive). I already did the following to optimise search engine indexation:

    – Install Yoast SEO plugin and configured it according to this article:

    It is configured that only the posts and categories will be indexed and not the (many) tags my step dad uses.

    – I installed the plugin SEO friendly images and configured it to automatically override the image title and the image alt tag with %title %category etc.

    – I told my step dad to use a lot of tags (since he is not using text in his posts)

    – I told him to write unique meta descriptions for every post

    – I linked his wordpress to twitter, and twitter to linked in

    But my question is how will the tags be treated by search engines like google? Will they be seen as content? Or is the use of these tags actually working against me? And what is the best alternative than?

    Also are there other things I can do to optimise indexation and findabilty without putting actual text in the post itself?

    Thank u for your help,


    P.S. I also wonder when it is best to index categories and when tags, in this case.

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  • If you’ve noindexed the tags then they shouldn’t work against you at all.

    I’m not sure whether Google would treat them as content or just ignore them (I imagine the former), but I wouldn’t worry about that to be honest.



    Hi primitivenet,

    thanks for answering.
    The thing is, I really want the tags to be seen as content, since I don;t have any other textual content in my posts. That’s why I told my step dad to use a lot of tags. But I am not sure if I am doing the right thing now.

    If google ignores the tags (and also noindex my tags pages, because I don’t want duplicate content), than there is not much left for search engines to use, except the image title and alt tags, post title, etc.

    If this would be the case, than I have to tell my step dad to write stuff inside the post itself. But that would really distract from the pictures and it would also take him a lot of effort to write good (english written), creative text, for all of his posts.


    I would guess that they are still indexed as content – but you would probably be best asking in the Google forums to make sure.

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