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  • When my website ( is found by a search engine, I would like to customize what is said in the descriptor below my title. It currently says my menu names which do not read too well in the description. How do I change what is said there?

    Additionally, what can I do when a keyword (Granula)is typed into a search engine, my site is on the top of the list. My website is already one of the first to show when my brand is searched for, but I would like to do the same for that keyword.

    Thank you,

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  • Go to Titles menu and there you can do your titles and meta descriptions to look as you wish:).
    Don’t change anything till you aren’t 100% sure that you want to show that titles for your posts, pages, …etc
    Changing titles to often can cause you a penalty from Searching Engines.

    Thanks Willbeingtips.

    What type of info do I put in the “Title Template” and the “Meta Description?”

    Is the Title Template the title I would like to come up and the Meta Description is what I would like it to read underneath?

    Thank you,


    In title template you can put f.e. If its post title you can use this tags (explained at the end of Titles menu)or you can put whatewer you think is best.
    Here is one example:
    Title template:%%title%% (it will be changed with your post title) – %%sitename%% (here will be added your site name)
    Meta description template:%%excerpt%% it will show excerpt from your post.
    Meta keywords template: %%tag%% (your tag/s will be added as meta keyword)

    *For meta description is recommended to not put anything and write it on your own.
    Also read more about this plugin here:

    P.S. Remember to use some keywords (in your templates) which you are targeting but don’t over optimize it (don’t put too many or too often).

    “In title template you can put f.e. If its post title you can use this tags (explained at the end of Titles menu)or you can put whatewer you think is best.”

    What does f.e. mean?
    I am not looking for post title but rather what meta description comes up when “inseeds and Granula” are searched for. inseeds is my brand and Granula is my product. When inseeds is searched for, google pulls up my website title, which reads my brand and company name, but underneath it reads the wrong meta data “menu items off of my homepage” which look very awkward. I would like to change the meta description under my brand/company name.

    Your solution somewhat makes sense for posts, but what about the two main keywords I would like my site to be found by. “Granula, inSeeds.”

    “*For meta description is recommended to not put anything and write it on your own.”
    Does this mean in the Meta Description Template I can write what I want to write?
    Where do I create my templates to add keywords to?

    Thank you if you are still helping,


    So I will say again You can do your titles as you wish there is no limit if we are talking about this plugin abilities.

    f.e. means For Example :))

    So OK I have many other things to do but I started to try to help you and I will go to end:)
    I dont understand this your product and what your site is about but I went there to check little bit.
    So As I can understand you want to change how your site is showing for search engines.

    Go to titles >
    Title template:Here enter how you want your site to show for searching engines (SE) f.e. (for example) Specialty Gourmet Food Granula – InSeed
    or InSeed – Specialty Gourmet Food Granula (or what ever you wnat to show). It will show exactly as you will write it
    Meta description template: f.e. (for example) e manufacture and wholesale Specialty Gourmet Food; currently, Granula. What is Granula? It was the first cold breakfast cereal, more seeds than grains, exceptionally nutritious, and sustainable food.
    Meta keywords template: (Your keywords here), f.e. (for example) Granula, Granula Seeds, Granula Breakfast, etc… the most important keywords dont write more than 2-3. My recommendation is to dont put anything in meta keyword and let it empty.
    Hope this will help:)

    Many thanks again for your continued support.

    I understand now. I was really getting thrown off by “Templates,” but now I see that you can use templates or not.

    As far as the “Meta Keywords Template” goes, there is no selection on my Yoast Title page.

    You have helped me graciously.

    Thank you,


    Hello, I will be very happy if you can help me to understand, how to get my brand/name in the end of the page title? I due not youse templates but right at my one.
    I will be very greatfull if you can help me.

    Best regards
    Ulla Ravn

    Hi Ulla. I didnt understand you good but if you think how to add your brand name at the end of your pages you have to use template for pages.
    Go to Yoast WordPress SEO:
    > Titles & Metas
    > Post Types
    In Pages
    Title template: (add this) %%title%% %%sitename%%

    Hi, do I have to use templates at my site only, to get my Company name at the end of title. So that Google get the title name first and our brand at last. For example title at Hosting apears on Google like this “”
    But i love to have f.x. “Professionel Hosting af server hos IT-GlobalView.

    Best regards
    Ulla Ravn

    If you are using SEO by Yoast than you will have to use templates.
    Above example is for pages and there you have for taxonomies (categories and tags) and you have for posts and also for home page.
    On help page you have some shortcodes…

    Hi, I think you me like this at SEO by Yoast, under SEO and Title settings

    Title template:%%title%% %%sitename%%
    Meta description template:
    Meta keywords template:

    but it does not work, please guide me.

    Best regards
    Ulla Ravn

    First tell me precise what you want to do. with real example and i will guide you.

    Also tell me what theme you are using? Maybe isnt supporting this plugin and some code should be added or you should check this box Force rewrite titles on SEO general settings….

    Hi, I check the box force rewite title, an it works. Hurra.

    Tank you verry mutch

    Best regards
    Ulla Ravn

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