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  • This might be more of a problem with your G+ button…

    It’s not the G+ button, it happens when I post directly on Google+

    I copy my URL, go to my Google+ page, and paste the link.

    I am having this problem as well.

    I believe it may be due to the Facebook Comments plugin, which may add a duplicate title tag.

    I don’t really know the solution however to get rid of it.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    I’m seeing this, too, on one site I’ve worked on, but not on another.

    If I paste this URL into a share box on Google Plus’s site, I see the title doubled:

    If I paste this URL, though, I don’t:

    Same version of WordPress, same version of WordPress SEO (all up to date). I’ll need to dig through the plugins & maybe WP_DEBUG to see what stands out. Any hints from folks would be appreciated. (No Facebook Comments that I know of.)

    Just to mention about double titles. Remove double OG:TITLE from your head. Looks like you add one in your header.php manualy, and second one is added throu Yoast SEO plugin. That can help a lot AFAIK.

    Found the problem on my instance. There was a stray function adding Facebook OG tags into the theme’s head. WordPress SEO was set to handle Facebook OG tags, too. I removed the old function & Google Plus stopped reading two titles.

    Similar / same situation @djevrek described.

    I had the same problem too and haven’t found a double OG:TITLE in my header.php. I’m using Arras Theme and the only solution i pointed out was to delete the OG functionality in Yoast SEO.

    If anyone have an idea i would appreciate a hint.

    my site:

    CyPH3r find you why do you have double OG tags in head. Open header.php file and see if you can find them there, if you can, remove them and use Yoasts plugin to add it automaticly. If you cant find them in header.php, then something other is adding those tags.

    So, problem with double tags is always because of double OG tags in header.php (head section of your site).

    Thanks for your hint, but I searched again for double OG tags – without success.
    For me it seems to be tricky (but I’m not a expert in this), so I’ll try to figure out next weekend which dependencies exist between these lines of code and the behaviour of my site links in social networks.

    Anyway, currently I switched Open Graph off in Yoast and now Google+ works fine, but then Facebook pulls the content from each post and not the description … 🙂

    If I find a solution I’ll post it here.

    When I turned off Add OpenGraph meta data from the Yoast SEO plugin, it fixed my problem on Google+ but it also removed my <title> tag altogether.

    So, I had to add it back. Any ideas how to work around this?

    @greener_ian – do you have a Facebook plugin of some kind? Or some function in your functions.php that might be writing to your header?

    In my case, it was an older function in my functions.php that was the culprit, not actually anything in header.php.

    I had a Facebook Open Graphs plugin which I disabled, and that removed one of the titles from the Google+ posts (there used to be 3, now only 2)

    Thanks everybody, I was having the same issue with double headers when pasting a URL into Google+. I had the Facebook SEO Comments plugin installed with the “Add Open Graph Tags” check box checked. As soon as I unchecked that, Google+ URLs posted just fine 🙂

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    If you’re still encountering issues, please open a new thread!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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