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  • I’m very confused about the SEO relationship between Yoast’s ‘focus keyword’ and ‘SEO title’ features in his SEO plugin. I want to use the keyword ‘1900 songs’ for one of my articles but I want the SEO title and meta description to contain something like ‘Songs of the 1900s’.

    Obviously if I put in that criteria in those two fields, I get the red ‘No’s’ and the red button in his ‘Page Analysis’ tab saying the keyword isn’t in those two fields yet. This seems to be because the keyword in the title and description doesn’t follow EXACTLY how it’s spelled out in the Focus keyword field.

    But this, to me, defeats the purpose of Google’s search capabilities in terms of the order of keywords. Google wouldn’t be what it is today if it only restricted search results to what was exactly searched. Why should they?

    For example, if you search ‘1900 songs’ in Google right now, you will find a result listed at the top as ‘Songs from the year 1900’, with Songs and 1900 in bold. In fact, further down the SERP they also pulled up a site with the word 1900’s bolded adding the apostrophe and ‘s’, further proving Google’s flexibility in its results.

    Google doesn’t seem to care (for this keyword anyway) about word-order in key phrases. It will pull up what was typed regardless of the order of words in the phrase (depending on factors like amount of content and competition). And pretty much everyone in the world today is accustomed to this search result algorithm.

    But Yoast’s SEO plugin seems to act as if I shouldn’t use a Focus key phrase that won’t be inserted in the SEO title, heading and description exactly as it is.

    And if I shouldn’t do that, why did it work for the example I gave above (and probably for many other examples I could give)? Can someone explain this? It’s like I should ignore the red warnings for those title elements from now on.

    Maybe what his plugin should do is enable users to put in [brackets] or “quotes” in the focus keyword field denoting if your keyword should represent an exact or phrase search as per Google’s algorithm.

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