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  • Hi guys, i’m having a problem with wordpress seo about sitemap stylesheet. I followed all infos here, because i use w3 total cache too ( no CDN ).

    Hovewer the sitemap throws me this error “Error loading stylesheet: A network error occurred loading an XSLT stylesheet” ( link ). I know google ignores this error, but it is frustating to use view-code: to see if sitemap has been generated with correct links.

    I disabled all plugins, cleared the browser cache, activated “Twenty Eleven”, and still nothing.

    Thanks for all 😉

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  • Did you contact the about this issue elsewhere? Does the problem still occur if you deactivate W3 Total Cache?

    the problem is often when using with w3 total cache . and page cache enabled .

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    Thanks for your replies, but if i deactivate W3TC and also delete che browser cache ( or open the sitemap in a new browser ), this problem still persist 🙁 Also Frederick where can i contact Yoast for this problem?

    I am receiving the same error on one of my client’s sites

    “Error loading stylesheet: A network error occurred loading an XSLT stylesheet:”.

    Please help.

    Okay if anyone is listening I found out the problem why this is not loading the stylesheet [atleast my version of it].

    I had this in a .htaccess file in my wp-content folder [as a security measure]

    <Files *.php>
    deny from all

    I believe it stops the “plugins/wordpress-seo/css/xml-sitemap-xsl.php” file from executing. As soon as I remove that htaccess rule it works.

    I checked my .htaccess file and that code isn’t in there. I’m still getting this error.

    Me too. Same error , deactivated W3TC also.

    Any ideas on how to fix this, anyone? I don’t have W3TC.

    I fixed the error…by researching other forum posts on here.

    Add this to .htaccess
    <Files “xml-sitemap-xsl.php”>
    Allow from all

    It worked for me at least.

    Hope this helps.

    The fix robertallen posted above works for me. Note that the code likely appears in the .htaccess file in your ‘WP-Content” folder, NOT the .htaccess file at the root.

    Thank you so much! I had another web site to fix this problem and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working this time.

    Debasish Panda, I’ve looked for hours for this fix. Thank you! I was getting 404 errors, blank pages for my sitemap, couldn’t figure it out. Went into the .htaccess file in wp-content and deleted that rule and it worked like a charm




    I updated to the latest version of WP and the SEO plugin and now I get the exact same error: Error loading stylesheet: A network error occurred loading an XSLT stylesheet:

    The error appears in Firefox, can’t see anything when using Chrome!

    links to my sitemaps which appear to be blank caused through the error:

    I also tried the code you mentioned above, and added it to the .htaccess – but no success. My .htaccess is not in the “WP-Content” folder, it’s just in my main root html folder.

    – I deinstalled, and re-installed: no success
    – Any other ideas how I can fix this issue ?

    Thank you very much for any little help !



    Do you have Google Sitemaps loaded by chance?

    If so, try disabling that.

    The reason I wonder if it is is because I get this error when opening up your link…

    BWP Google XML Sitemaps Error: Requested module (sitemap_index) not found or not allowed.



    Hello Robert !

    Hmm.. what do you mean if I have the google Sitemaps loaded ?
    Do you mean if I fetched them within the google webmaster tool ?

    Hmm.. right now I am experimenting with another plugin… but I kept the yoast plugin with all the settings.. the error just doesn’t go away.

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