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  • WordPress version:3.4.2.
    WordPress SEO version:

    I did this: *installed WordPress SEO for the first time, replacing SEO Ultimate by using SEO Data Transporter*

    I expected the plugin to do this: *work*

    Instead it did this: my website page didn’t load, message was ‘Error establishing a database connection’ instead; couldn’t get access to dashboard

    Hi all,

    I am a bit shocked at what has happened as I have just set up a new blog, installed this popular plugin and got a terrible result. Thank goodness this second my hosting company has got my site back like it was but now I still don’t understand if the problem occured because of the plugin, because of the hosting company, or because I have made a mistake somewhere.

    I will be as brief as possible:
    My actions:
    1) One month ago I changed my domain, cpanel and WP passwords. As I’m a newbie, only found out MySQL should have been changed accordingly when I researched after the ‘Error establishing a database connection’ message yesterday.

    2) Before changing the passwords, I asked my hosting company if there was any step I was missing: they should have told me to change the MySQL but didn’t.

    3)Yesterday I installed ‘SEO data transporter’ and this plugin, then pressed convert to send my data here from SEO Ultimate. I think I then deactivated these 2 plugins from the dashboard after activating WP Seo.

    4)I didn’t click anywhere on my website for about 3 hours, then this ‘Error establishing a database connection’ came up.

    5)I deleted the folders of the 2 old SEO plugins

    This is where the confusion begins – given my limited technical knowledge, I am not able to determine whether it is worth using this plugin, whether my hosting company has made a major error and not admitting it, or if I have made a mistake that I shouldn’t repeat…

    These are the major points in the correspondence between me and the hosting co.:
    1) I reported the issue, outlining the problems and asked them to fix it
    2)‘…it looks as though your Database credentials for connecting your WordPress site to your MySQL database are not working when your site is attempting to authenticate. Would you like for us to attempt to reset these credentials for your site…?
    3)Yes, but first please confirm what ‘reset credentials’ means – also, is this nothing to do with the plugin I installed?
    4) We cannot say if this will resolve the issue with the SEO plugin that you have installed, however we can be fairly certain it will resolve the issue with the WordPress site not loading
    5) OK please go ahead. I’d also like to know how this has ‘suddenly’ become an issue…how a problem has occured now and not before. Should I have updated it in the MySQL also?
    6) Absolutely…as a wordpress admin you don’t necessarily realize it is stored in a database. …… we have a backup file stored, …..a 15$ fee to restore it.
    7) (I then complained about this charge – and the inconvenience of having the site down, explaining they should have told me to update MySQL when I initially asked them if I was missing something when changing passwords – also, why they didn’t mention there was a charge in the first response from them)
    8) I have looked over the logs and conformed the database deletion wasn’t done by you. I have restored the database from our backup free of charge. I have confirmed all mysql credentials are properly configured.

    I am not sure what this is all supposed to mean – I would very much appreciate any comments if there is any likelihood this could be related to my installation of the plugin.

    Thank you 🙂

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