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    When I am on individual and working in the SEO window at the botton filling out “Focus Keyword”, “SEO Title”, and “Meta Description” it does not seem to be registering, I get:

    Your focus keyword was found in:
    Article Heading: No
    Page title: No
    Page URL: No
    Content: No
    Meta description: No

    I know that some of these should be saying “Yes” because of my titles and content.

    Is it because I have not filled out the Settings/Titles? I am real unclear on what to do there and on a tutorial for beginners it said I did not really have to?

    I noticed on the Yoast tutorial it has a little on filling this out. One thing I was not sure about is where it shows what to enter for instance:
    Categories, Tags and other taxonomies: %%term_title%% Archives %%page%% • %%sitename%%
    Search pages: You searched for %%searchphrase%% • %%sitename%%
    404 pages: Page not found – Error 404 • %%sitename%%
    Author archives: %%name%% • %%cf_role%% at %%sitename%%
    What is this #8226 referring to?

    Does anyone have some good guidance on this? Thanks, Joe

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  • Sorry I left out a word on the first sentence it should read:

    When I am on individual “PAGE” and working…


    Also I see that something got stripped out when I pasted the terms with all the %% in them. In many of those it had inserted &#8226, was wondering what that was, funny that it did not paste with the rest of it. This can be referenced at

    Hi Joe,

    Don’t know if you got a reply to this already but it is a bullet symbol being used to separate items in a title for example.

    Title information • Sub information


    I have the same challenge. Any luck finding a solution zep101?

    No I never did resolve it. I’m just living with it, it is giving me useful information and appears to have brought up my rankings. It seems to have a few glitches interpreting whats on the page but it is useful.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I’d be curious to specific examples where it doesn’t pick it up 🙂

    Hi Joost, I have learned a lot and think maybe I can articulate this a little better. One of the things I learned (my mistake) was I was putting more then one word in “Focus Keyword”. I see that you really have to dial in on one keyword or phrase.

    In categories I was puzzled because on your page I saw in your example for “Titles” I kept seeing this “#8226” come up. I still don’t know what it means. However I am doing my SEO stuff on each post/page.
    This is OK and overrides the titles issue right?

    Another thing that does not seem right is when doing the SEO at the bottom of my pages where it analyzes your keyword, I will give you an example my website is about how to reduce glucose and this page in particular is about fat and my keyword is “fats”. When is analyzes it. it shows the focus keyword was found in:

    Article Heading: No
    Page title: Yes (1)
    Page URL: No
    Content: Yes (20)
    Meta description: Yes (2)

    You can see that “fats” is not showing in “Article Heading” or “URL”. However it is in the URL and also my question is what exactly does “Article Heading” refer to because “fats” is the name of my page, it is in the first h1 heading in my content twice and appears also in 3 other headings as h3. I just don’t know why it does not pick it up.

    Hope this helps, you can look at this page if you want at

    I am a rookie at this as it’s my first website. Fats is probably not a good keyword???

    Thanks for getting back with me I appreciate it-Joe

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hi zep101

    fats is not the same as fat, so it’s not in the URL… Why it’s showing as not in title is a mystery to me though, will do some digging. The entity you see is actually a middot as I use it in my titles.

    Fats is indeed a bit of a generic keyword, I’d go for longer keyphrases. You can do stuff like “good fats” as well.

    Thanks for clearing some of that up

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Anything else I missed? (it was a bit long 😉 )

    Can you just clarify that if I am doing my SEO stuff (focus keyword, SEO title, Meta Description) on my individual pages and posts at the bottom then I don’t need to do the “Titles” section of your plugin? Is that correct or is this something that I should be doing?

    I don’t want to take too much of your time but can you point me in the right direction as to how to clean up my pre-SEO plugin search results that still come up in Google? I did the rel=author thing and it is working good but I still get funky search results from before I installed the plugin. Are these older ones something that will go away in time as Google crawls my site?

    Thanks, Joe

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    The templates on the SEO -> Titles page are what your single pages will default to, you can then still override that on the single page.

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