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  • I updated this plugin in 3.3. It created a conflict in my wp-config file when I activated the XML Sitemaps. I contacted Yoast about it to let him know man to man that it was breaking things. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. He had previously deleted my other mailings, but this time he denied it and cursed me out. I can forward the e-mail. Please don’t support this plugin or author.

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  • Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Dude, take a hike. You were abusive in your email towards me, so I got mad at you, since you were demanding support for a problem that was not created by my plugin, a plugin you did not pay for.

    You might have emailed me before, thousands of people do, I don’t respond to everything. There was, and is, a bug in my plugin, which I’ve fixed and will release shortly. That bug did not cause any crashes, something else in your install most probably did.

    @nerdxage: I think you should pipe down a bit. Joost is a valuable and solid contributor to the community and has done so for a number of years now. 3.3 was released less then a day ago so give the guy some time to check, and if necessary fix his plugins.

    People like you cause great contributors, most of them not even taking money from you or just asking for a contribution if you can spare, to step back from developing for this platform which harms the whole community.

    So be a bit more considerate and respectful to people who give up their valuable time and effort to develop for all of us.

    Nerdxage: Stop being rude and attacking the great people that make WordPress awesome. Joost de Valk is a very helpful and nice guy, and so is the plugins he make!

    @nerdxage Joost is indeed a valuable contributor to the WordPress community. I also updated al my 24 WordPress websites to WP 3.3. and did not encounter a single problem with his plugin.

    I think we all expect explicit support for each plugin, while most of the time the plugin isn’t even causing the problem. Especially with such good plugins (AND FREE!) we should be more aware of what we are asking..

    Please don’t support this plugin or author.

    @nerdxage Hey man – you just made me donate to Yoast, seriously! 🙂

    And don’t forget you are free to deactivate this plugin and choose from 925 others.

    @nerdxage: It would be nice if you’d show a little bit more respect to people making great plugins for free. I can understand that you’re upset if a crappy coded website collapses when updating, but don’t take that down on a fine working plugin, that’s even been maintained this quick.
    A public apology @yaost would be appropriate.
    (And good luck with repairing your website 😉

    @nerdxage Thanks to Yoast we have all gotten literally thousands of Euro/Dollars/etc of value from his plugins, blog, & WP lectures. He has been contributing to the WP community for years. Yoast deserves both our respect and as importantly our Thanks! All new versions have bugs to be fixed. As site Admins it is OUR responsibility to manage these bugs the most efficient way we can….So, if something doesn’t work…go to your backup and restore. Then try and figure out what is wrong first..and see if you can fix it. Then provide that fix back to the plugin author to help support the community.

    That is what Open Source & WordPress is all about.

    @michal“Mau”Pliska – Great Idea…off to Donate to Yoast now 🙂

    Nerdboy – you remind of those guys that pirate movies then to bitch about the quality. If it don’t work for you go see another movie – preferably at the cinema where you have to pay.

    @ a few people – I had already fixed it. I had fixed it before then, and was simply asking Yoast what went wrong. My XML sitemaps on his plugin still wasn’t functioning after I had fixed the problem. I had previously liked his plugin and had complimented him. I figured he was a reasonable guy and expected an e-mail back telling me that he was sorry and such. He responded with venom.

    Well as usual the truth of the matter is drowned out by fans. When you get big enough, you can do no wrong. I sent him a mail that was neutral at worst, he responded by cursing at me. Those are the facts, think whatever you want about them. And Jawel, as far as public apologies? Yoast isn’t the one who needs one. I’m done here, you guys yell at me all you want.

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