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  • hi there.

    I have 5 domains pointing to the same server. the domain names are important because people find it easier to remember a certain domain depending on their native language.

    I’ve written filter code to translate links in my site to root-relative links. so far, it seems to be working really well, but it did cause a problem with WPSEO’s %%BLOGLINK%% in the RSS feeds.

    my filters work in 6 different places, including site_url() and home_url() which get_bloginfo() now uses to return those items. this works fine everywhere except where WPSEO tries to generate the %%BLOGLINK%% value.

    I could have manually specified the full href value in WPSEO’s settings but I did this, for now:

    in WPSEO/frontend/class-frontend.php::rss_replace_vars(), specifically for the $bloglink assignment statement, I changed get_bloginfo() to get_bloginfo_rss(). that allowed me to build one more filter specifically for url’s headed for rss feeds.

    function gregory_set_domain_in_rss_urls( $info, $show ) {<br />
    	// copied from wp-includes/general-template.php::get_bloginfo()<br />
    	$url = true;<br />
    	if (strpos($show, 'url') === false &&<br />
    		strpos($show, 'directory') === false &&<br />
    		strpos($show, 'home') === false)<br />
    		$url = false;</p>
    <p>	return ( !$url || !empty($info) ? $info : get_option('home') );<br />
    }<br />
    add_filter( 'get_bloginfo_rss', 'gregory_set_domain_in_rss_urls', 11, 2 );<br />

    might it be possible for WPSEO to use get_bloginfo_rss() wherever the feeds are concerned? using absolute links in feeds might be preferable to root-relative links.

    btw, your ‘wpseo_canonical’ filter hook allowed me to set the exact same domain for every article’s canonical link; i.e., all 5 domains point to the same canonical link.


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