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  • WP Version 3.3.2

    Plugin Version: 1.2

    Great updates, and just one odd thing I noticed.

    When I’m in edit mode on the area where you see the ‘Snippet Preview’ and title, etc. all the tabs work fine except for the ‘Google News’.

    General, Page Analysis, & Advanced can be accessed fine, but for some reason when I click on the Google News tab it keeps me where I am. I’ve tried deactivating the plugin and turning back on but nothing. I’ve disabled all other plugins and done the one by one thing but the ‘Google News’ tab isn’t working right now.


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  • Just updated to 1.2.1 and the Google News Tab still not accessible for some reason. All the other tabs are fine.

    The Google News one is the one that’s important so you can make sure your story is listed on the newsite when you check the box on it.


    I have the same problem, and we are also having an issue with posts not getting listed on the news sitemap. I also updated.

    it won’t get on your news sitemap since you have to check that box from the Google News tab we can’t get to.

    I just put up another Google News Site plugin as a backup thankfully!

    It’s just XML Sitemap Feed Version 3.9.1 | By RavanH on here to tide you over until that little things gets fixed. With so many other issues for people, it could be a little while til this one gets fixed.

    I’ve kept that one on as a backup when there’s been other issues with this plugin just in case so not to lose any news getting indexed!

    Thanks. I will install that other plugin.

    you may wind up having to deactivate WordPress SEO though if this doesn’t get fixed soon. sometimes Google gets confused with having two news sitemaps to check out.

    sucks that such a small oversight can really screw over sites on Google News!

    another thing too Pritzker, I noticed that the ‘Force rewrite’ under ‘Titles’ is unchecked automatically. You might want to pay attention to the tab where your page title is since I noticed that with rewrite off my website title gets put on twice.

    Now instead of just the title of the article – title of site, it puts the title of the site, then the article then the title of the site again.

    once you check ‘force rewrite’ it’s back to normal again. just in case you have that problem too…at least there’s an easy fix.

    Same problem – ‘news’ tab not working in version 1.2.2 – reverted to version 1.1.9 – all OK.

    yup, one time going back in time is worthwhile!

    I’m assuming once more and more people mention this, it will get fixed!

    Has this been any word on how to fix the Google News Tag issue? I went back to 1.1.9 which works perfectly now, but I see that there’s a multitude of other issues seeming to keep the poor developer busy.

    Hopefully he’ll notice this one and let us know if there’s a snippet to add.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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