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  • Note: It’s quite long post, but please don’t be afraid. I think those are simple questions, but I went at a great lenght.

    I would like first say “Thank you” to Joost, because his posts are superb and he DOES explain everything plain and understandable, which is good both for wordpress novices and not that good english speaking/knowing people. As it comes clear from the title i use WordPress SEO by Yoast. I like it a lot, because it makes things easier just for the simple blogger, but could be used on big sites/portals as well.

    Namely that is my case, but I am not sure what’s the best for me. I searched through some popular forums, but couldn’t find the right answer and frankly I’m a bit confused. I want to setup my pages correct and I hope that this is the place for you people to help me.

    I will start from the categories, as I think they do have the function of “foundations” for every site.

    About the site

    I’m making site, which we can call a blog, because it will be developed only by myself, and the content will be written by me, my thoughts. my view, my news. I will cover car news, but only those interesting to me. However, I will call it asite, because i DO aim results with it, which have to be incredible (well, 3000 unique visitors per day as first level). Those results are very important to me, to my future reference !

    The Categories
    Here comes the first question. Lets say we have the latest spy shots from the upcoming 911 Turbo. We have main Category “Spy Shots” and Sub Category “Porsche”.

    So this article will be viewable under “Spy Shots” and under the sub category of Spy Shots “Porsche”. How could I avoid duplicate content. I will only shows excerpts from the post, with MORE button. The same excepts will stay at the meta description of that current page. I watched Matt Cutts about duplicate content, he said that when a page is updated often, GoogleBot won’t take the excerpts into consideration, so It is not a problem. However, there won’t be articles every single day, or week about Porsche Spy Shots (So Spy Shots > Porsche > Article) and this may lead to duplicate content issues. What is the best action to be taken? Noindex the sub category or the whole category + subcategory (please note that spy shots are main topic, so probably there will be posts almost every that under it, but the subcategories may vary by car make. Will this affect my breadcrumbs rich snippets results in Google. I mean, the Breadcrumbs rich snippets Home > Spy Shots > Porsche > Porsche 911 summer testing or it won’t affect them.

    Canonical URLs
    Should I use them, I read them in both english and my mother language, still I’m not sure if I understand them right and whether or not I should use them. F.e I enabled the redirect, just because seems pretty ugly to me (I will search for SEO effects on that, right after finishing this post!).

    Ok, this is the third topic I would like you to help me. What should I include in the sitemap. I have breadcrumbs, which have the funcion of navigation to the user and they will take them to the sub category, or the whole category. So should I include the categories and subcategories in the sitemap (I do think that this inclusion has something to do with the indexation of the categories and subcategories, so those must be somehow connected?) I think the posts are more important to me, because when ranked for them, the user can either read the information, use the breadcrumbs right infront of his eyes to visit all Porsche news, or Tuning news, but when he lands on the category he will probably leave as he cannot see EXACT information, but only posts to choose from. I personally leave those pages, not sure if its major tendence).

    Nowadays a lot of people are searching for images (911 Turbo) and every article will include bunch of photos (at least 6), with proper title and description, so I think it’s good idea to get some traffic from them too. Is it possible to include them with Yoast’s plugin? (Actually I found yoasts post about that, still not not clear to me, but will look it once or twice again!).

    So that’s it, if you managed to read everything, thanks and I am awaiting your answers.

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  • Please folks, don’t be afraid to read it. It only seems long 😉 I need those tips 🙂

    i’m using the Another Meta Plugin for WordPress розробка сайтів

    Superb answer…

    Come on, people! Give me a push

    I need your support!

    Its quite a big read lol,

    I would say you should try doing the following:

    Use permalinks to remove the category from the URL path.
    That way each page would be indexed for its own and each page would share the power of the home page.

    Use an SEO plugin and set no index to your
    Since these pages receive most of the links from your site, they tend to get more juice and your real keyword targeted pages, articles, or any content that actually offers value to the user is considered less powerful since it get less links.
    You should be still getting bread crums effect since you are using only no index settings and not no follow settings.
    Bots will come and scan all the pages going through the categories and tags pages however they will not be index and wound be stealing any juice from the important pages.

    I personally go even further and remove anything that does not offer immediate value to my customer. Privacy policy, rss feeds and even internal pages that are not valuable to my customer. ( In customer i refer to any user who would like to acquire information or service, whether free or paid for)

    Use site maps, RSS, Categories, Tags and pages linking plugins to build your internal linking between the pages that matter. They are just indexing tools for the bots and your customers.

    After following this guide lines i really noticed serious improvements. My pages ranked higher and even started getting higher page rank.

    Hope this helps in your SEO quest

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