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  • The blog I write for has 2 main authors. While this plugin offers the ability to highlight an author for the home page, I would prefer not to highlight one because choosing which author would be a difficult decision.

    So under Titles & Metas –> Home I have:

    Author Highlighting: Don’t Show

    However, the home page still has

    <!-- This site is optimized with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin v1.2.3 - -->
    <link rel="author" href="X"/>
    <!-- / Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. -->

    It looks like the plugin is ignoring the preference.

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  • Have you got a solution for this? I have the same problem.
    I only want to show author highlight in posts, not in the homepage and pages.

    Same issue, Author Highlighting: Don’t Show set for the homepage but re=”author” still displaying any solution for this?

    I will have to change to
    All in One SEO Pack!!
    Can’t figure why it keeps showing rel=author in homepage when i have set it up to not show.
    The owner of this plugin don’t support anything, so… i will change to something more professional…

    Following, I noticed this too. I set the rel=publisher for the homepage but it appears google has a preference for author over publisher.

    I’ll look over the code tomorrow, shouldn’t be that difficult a change.

    Thanks AzzX!!
    When you have something let me know.

    We were probably making it a bit hard for ourselves.

    In WordPress SEO – Titles and Metas – Home. Set the Author highlighting to don’t show. Make sure to save and empty any caches.

    If it still doesn’t work try deactivating and reactivating your main theme – this worked for me.

    As long as you have filled in your google plus profile in each of your users profile page, this will be used for each of your posts.

    If you want to put your publisher profile on the homepage simply add this in your header:

    <?php if(!is_single() || is_front_page()) { ?><link href="" rel="publisher" /><?php } ?>

    Replace the above publisher ID with yours. This effectively will use the Publisher Info for The homepage and Pages only.

    I can’t get it working…
    I have set the Author highlighting to don’t show. Saved and clean cache…don’t work.
    I’ve try to activate another theme and clean cache again…don’t work.
    It could be something about the theme? I’m using Warp Framework from Yoo Themes.

    I just want to show the author in the posts, not in the homepage and pages, you can see it doing a search in google: Top Creative Mag.

    It keep showing the rel author link…


    It have to be something in the plugin because I’ve Deactivated the plugin and the rel author is not showing…

    Just as a follow-up, I have installed the latest version of the plugin and entered a URL for the Google Publisher Page. The publisher tag is now appearing in the source but the author tag remains there even though I set Author Highlighting to Don’t Show.

    I haven’t found a solution to this problem yet.

    We also had this problem and I fixed it with just one single line of code!

    You should edit wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/frontend/class-frontend.php and change line 736 from

    if ( $gplus )


    if ( !is_front_page() && $gplus )

    Afterwards the author meta tag won’t appear on your main page but is still displayed in your other views!

    I hope this will work for all of you!

    @daniel K, I think the plugin has been updated since your last post. Any chance you have the fix for the latest plugin version. I’m having the exact same issue with version 1.4.7

    Thanks for any assistance.

    If you only want the author tag to appear on the blog posts and removed from all other pages such as home page, contact us etc… Then here is a quick fix.

    (1). Open class-frontend.php (wordpress-seo/frontend)
    (2). Search for: “public function author() {“
    (3). Around Line 757
    (4). Replace “is_singular()” to “is_single()” (without quotes)

    Now your author link will only appear on individual blog posts rather than on every page on your site.

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