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  • This is a problem when using the default mode title. Has anyone else tried simply deleting the numbers and then saving your changes? This worked for me.

    Also this happened using a fresh install of WP and running the TwentyTen theme stock – no special home page.

    Did you arrive at a solution?
    Elaborate please. By “using the default mode title”, are you referring to in Yoast, or somewhere else.
    Please expand on the individual steps you took and the results you gained, and if they solved it completely.
    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, I think this a fix until it is updated. Why I wrote default title setting was because I was using a fresh install of WP and the Yoast Plugin so all the plugin settings were at default.

    I noted that the Home Page title template was written as:
    %%sitename%% - %%sitedesc%% - 12345

    I deleted the -12345 and saved my settings and all was well – no more numbers on the title.

    %%sitename%% - %%sitedesc%%

    Also of note, I had previously customized Home Page title template on my other sites and they went through the update fine. My one site that I was using:
    %%sitename%% - %%sitedesc%%
    had to be corrected after the update as the numbers were added to the title.

    Just tried that. Not a solution.

    (Bear in mind, turning off the WPSEO before turning on the replacement SEO package did not solve the problem.)

    We turned the WPSEO plugin back on after turning off the replacement.

    Then, if we delete everything beyond %%sitename%% under the WPSEO Titles & Meta/Home/Title Template, the browser tab for the site shows the sitename twic,e with a vertical bar in between the two iterations of the name. If we delete it all of the content in the WPSEO Titles & Meta/Home/Title Template the vertical bar still persists.

    I can only wonder what is also inappropriate with regard to the site name, such as how are the search engines seeing the identity? Since there really isn’t any quality documentation, I can only wonder.

    Let me read your last response. That one and my last seemed to have crossed, maybe out of sync.

    I wish I had the same results. Unfortunately not. (See me second to last post.) There still remains an issue with a persistant vertical bar.

    If only people would be responsible in writing adequate documenation.

    Even with the Title Template empty, there still remains “oursitename – | oursitename”.
    There’s something new in the plugin that is tossing something.
    Love losing a day and a half of billable time, especially over a weekend. A real kick in the pants for Father’s Day.

    Have you followed the instructions at regarding “The SEO title output for the plugin doesn’t work as expected”

    Looks like I will have to rebuild some sites from scratch. The author’s response has been less than expected in my opinion.

    It appears the new version of the plugin might leave remnants. Could look for them, but probably easier to rebuild and not install the plugin from the get-go.

    Thanks for the help of mssbee and JohnL.

    Let me look at it for a couple of minutes. Be back soon.

    I notice you have sitename twice. If your theme is using anything other than <title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title> in the title section of header.php you will get double titles with a | separator bar. To stop this you either check Force Rewrite of titles on the General Page of Titles and Meta or modify your theme.

    This use to be explained in the previous version of the plugin and I hope it comes back.

    Just got a response from Yoast, and the number issue will be fixed in the next update. 🙂

    Give me a minute. The answer is a little long (and not good results).

    Here is what appears to have happened or be happening.

    First, to answer your question (and it relates to mssbee’s second to last post): No, the advice in the section, “The SEO title output for the plugin doesn’t work as expected” did not work. (@mssbee, the forced rewrite did not work either. I’ll keep the results to myself since the author of the plugin believes that since I didn’t pay for his, as he calls it, “AND IT’S A FREE” plugin; I’ll reciprocate and let him find out what I’ve discovered on his own. You can contact me offline if you wish.

    I made a back-up of the current header file of the theme on the site, and then made the change; and it was needed because it appears that the plugin made a number of massive changes to the file. After making the edit, saving, dumping my browser cache, and refreshing; the problem(s) persist. What I really don’t like is the issue that we installed the current version of the plug-in when the WP dashboard indicated to us that we had updates that needed to be installed. (To maintain security, both for ourselves and the resources of our hosting provider, we stay on top of updates.) In five years of using WP, we have NEVER experienced such an update of a plugin or a theme that made such dramatic changes to a site; with the exception of two themes, which in both cases, either the author contacted us before hand and let us know that the upgrade had special requirements; or, the automatic update forewarned us of exigent conditions. Lesson learned. In this case, I believe we lost total control of the files affected, and not due to any intent of our own. (Commentary: I would hope that WP reviews their policies on updates, that if a plugin is allowed to be listed in the WP Plugin directory, besides offering a free version and not allowing ads to outside fee-based services, that they require some new conditions that plugins need to create a temp directory (ies) on a site and copy-and-paste copies of all files the update is going to change, so that if something goes wrong, a roll-back can be efficiently completed.)

    We have had a great relationship with the hosting company we use (four years) and I’ll ask them to roll us back to pre-update. We have had a number of new users register in the interim, but we will backup and manually record them so as to not be irresponsible.

    So, if either of you have any other ideas, I’m open; but I think the roll-back to a point before the update, and then an uninstall and clean-up should work. There are plenty of great SEO experts we can utilize; and yes, just so the record is straight, we do actually pay for themes and plugins we find meet our needs. Thanks again for your help; it was and continues to be appreciated.


    Good to know about the pending fix. Won’t affect us though.
    Thanks again.

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