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  • I’m having the same problem. 12345 in site title. I deactivated, installed pro and reactivated and it’s still there.

    The Titles & Metas page is blank… any ideas?

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hmm that’s a result of the titles check functionality…. Let me see what could be causing that.

    Yeah, we have an index/homepage that came with the wordpress template that is not a post or page and it pulls in the 12345 on the page title, because it is not set by WordPress SEO by Yoast

    Mine is also an odd homepage in that it is built using Genesis widgets, it isn’t a static page…

    A day, and still no answer.
    It doesn’t make any difference what theme you are using.

    If you deactivate WPSEO the two spaces and five digit don’t show up any longer (not to say they still aren’t in some file in the site somewhere…); and they are replaced by a space and vertical bar, which is obviously still in some file somewhere on the site.

    Richard – I also noticed that deactivating the plug-in corrects the title. Unfortunately I’ve spent so much time configuring the plug-in I’d really like to be able to use it! If this isn’t resolved soon though I’m going to have to go with another solution…. 🙁

    Why do you say it is not set by WP SEO???
    I disagree. You turn off WP SEO and it appears to go away, and leaving a remnant.
    In my opinion, it appears that WPSEO is what is causing it.

    I moved over to another this afternoon. I’ve pretty much wasted the better part of a day that was already set aside for another site project. It’s bad enough working six days/wk for 10 hours each, but having to do a seventh is not what I had in mind. It would be different if it was a one-off occurrence, but it appears there are a number of us with the same problem. I don’t understand why a solution hasn’t been offered yet. And I am wondering if bits will be left behind in the files.

    Richard – I think that gravymatt meant that it wasn’t set by the plug-in because our homepages aren’t actual pages or posts; it must be pulling from somewhere else in the program.

    I don’t have any kind of home document that I can edit the title in, I think that’s what gravymatt is dealing with too. Is your homepage an actual page?

    I’ll probably end up using the built in Genesis SEO since I built my site on that platform.

    Yes, we use a post on one and a page on another. (If you are running WordPress, I’m not sure how you can run anything but either. You can set a page to be static.)
    It’s my understanding that when you set up a WordPress site, you enter the site name into the Settings/General page, which in turn loads that information along with the other bits into one of the database tables; and that the browser tab gets it’s information from the database. I can only guess that the WP SEO either creates a new datum for the database and re-directs to it; or, edits the existing information the author entered into the Settings.
    I could be wrong but that’s my understanding.


    The issue is in the file wpseo-non-ajax-functions.php line number 290

    $options[‘title-home’] = ‘%%sitename%% – %%sitedesc%% – 12345’;

    Okay…. Would you care to tell us what the problem is? And the appropriate way to fix it? Is what you quoted in the line beginning with “$options”, is that what it is or what we should change it to???
    Obviously, we didn’t write the code so I really don’t want to compound the problem by making some assumptions and taking the wrong action.
    So, could you elaborate please?

    I’m spitballing here, and probably making incorrect assumptions, but I would guess the two dashes and the digits come from a lack of a site description. However if there was a site description, I see no reason the dashes and the digits wouldn’t still show up; which, is still unacceptable. Not to mention, when we turn off the Yoast product, the “- – 12345″ is replaced by ” |”, which is also unacceptable. And you haven’t explained where that comes from…..
    So, do we just delete one line of code? (Which seems a rather strange coding practice; and more like a band-aid over a larger issue. Just wondering…..)

    Found that file under wordpress-seo/inc; but no trace of the line of code you quoted in the file. The date of the file is 1/12/2012; and there are a total of 189 lines of code in the file according to cPanel Code Editor.

    Can you confirm the directory you found it in and the version/date of the file??

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