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  • I for one would really appreciate this! I was just searching for ways to make my NextGen images more search engine friendly.

    Here you find the current solution :

    You just need to a one line in the WordPress SEO plugin

    This is great, I added that line. Thanks! Will I need to re-add this line each time there’s an update to Yoast’s plugin?

    Until Yoast didn’t add this filter into his plugin, yes

    Hi, I added this link to my Yoast plugin, and it seems to work fine. Now I see tag links like this in my sitemap page:

    When I click the above link, it takes me to one of my Pages, but with no content.

    But when I click this one:

    I see a 404 not found error.

    Is there a way to make these links work so all images with the relevant tag appear at that URL?

    Unfortunately, adding that line doesn’t seem to have resulted in any of my NextGen photos showing up in Google. Anything I load to WP’s Media Gallery shows up on Google the instant I use it in a post, but nothing from NextGen has ever shown up. This is a worry for me, as I’m a photographer and would like people to find my site ( through my photos. I’ve carefully titled all of my images so that Google should like them… but for now it still can’t see them 🙁

    Ahem do you really think this happens in 2-3 days ?

    @robinwyatt: You can go to you sitemap and see it here:

    At least with Chrome, this renders as a nice page listing all your pages.

    Are your NGG images listed? I can’t tell.

    For me I see my Galleries and Albums here:

    But not individual images. Also, as I mentioned before the tag links don’t seem to work.

    Alex, I would be willing to help debug or try out code modifications, if you point me to the right php file I can start exploring a bit.

    Hi, sorry for the constant updates.

    What I think would be really ideal is if there was a way to get the imagebrowser links for every photo in nggallery into the the sitemap.xml.

    I guess this would require the imagebrowser links to always be active without a wordpress page linking to it, and I don’t know if that’s possible.

    @alex: Sorry, I previously thought not, but then I saw Google catching my new posts instantly so thought that yes, it would happen in 2-3 days!

    @pardsbane: Thanks for the link to my sitemap. No, the NGG ones are not there, except for an album called Maharashtra for which I added all the images manually in my XML Sitemap plugin. Strangely, these photos’ thumbs (only) appeared on Google yesterday morning, but had disappeared again by evening!

    PS Apologies for my ignorance, but is Yoast’s sitemap generation getting sidelined by my XML Sitemap plugin (which I installed first)? Do I need to disable this?

    One of the issues with NextGen is the filename isn’t search friendly. A good way to make them search is to include the domain name plus a title based filename (hairwegoprodableucts-angela-bassett.jpg) as well as the alt & title.

    That would information would need to be included in the RSS feed as well as the image being embedded.

    Wish I was a developer. Do you think you can do that sir?

    Also… iF anyone hasn’t considered this…A great way to be indexed is to ping google, bing, yahoo, ask, and other search engines when you have new changes. So if there were a way to make this rss ping sites like those… that would help get the bots out on a more regular basis.

    I tried the solution here ( but didn’t get any additional results.

    My sitemap file has a bunch of entries that look like this:

    However I do not have a tag name ‘jack’. There are a number of entries like this with invalid tags. Any explanations?


    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Alex: I can definitly add a hook in the plugin, please email me on joost at my domain and we’ll figure out where you need a hook.

    @alex and @joost: has the filter been added to the latest version of the plugin? I just installed it, and then remembered this issue. Do I need to add the line around line 165 again? My images have been appearing nicely in Google for a while now, and I’d obvously like this to continue!

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