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  • Thanks u very much for 1.2.7 !!

    Same problem as boah123… upgraded to and was missing the options under the content editor HTML tab (bold, italic, link, b-quote, etc). De-activating WordPress SEO fixed the problem; then downgraded to 1.2.7 and re-activated.

    I’d still rather not install it that way, I don’t want to mess up my whole site. I would so much rather install a correctly working plugin, that’s all I want. If I’d know this update was going to be like this, there’s no way I would of updated it. ;(

    @gabriel I was having the same problem, thought something messed up in my wp-admin, so I deactivated all plugin and activated each plugins one by one and with wordpress seo last, I can confirm the version cause the jetpack site-stats did not load, and the html editor in tinyMCE is missing buttons

    I just deleted the dutch version of the plugin in the languages folder. Now all the buttons are nice in English and are displayed again. A shame it doesn’t display in Dutch but it’s the best solution for me now.

    Guys if you have Jetpack installed, I suggest deactivate it and see if the buttons re-appeared in the html editor. I turned off jetpack in favor of google analytics and found out that the buttons are back and working.

    WP SEO Version:

    I was getting the same blank page issue (explained below) even though I applied all the fixes on this thread. Finally, I deactivated and deleted the Super Cache plugin, and now I got all the tabs on the Yoast’s SEO back. Obviously this is not an ideal fix since I need caching plugin, but for now I will wait for an update either from Yoast or Super Cache so that they are compliant one another.

    My Blank Page issue: When I clicked on the Title and Meta link on the SEO menu, the tab names with “Save Settings” button was showing up, but not the tab details on any of the tabs displayed in the “Title and Meta” section. Also When I clicked the “take the Tour” link on the main dashboard, the button was disappearing, and taking me to the blank “Title and Meta” section with blank tabs.

    I had the same problem (missing meta titles) in the only site where I use this plugin. I solved it deleting the file “” in the “languages” directory.

    Anyway, I’ve created SEO options native in my most used theme, so I will remove the plugin in 3, 2, 1…

    Aaagh, I just uploaded to the latest update and it still doesn’t work. I deleted by Super Cache plugin too but it still makes no difference. I wish I hadn’t updated from 2.7, I really do…;(

    Still getting problems despite updating to the latest version, unable to add media, pop ups not appearing as a pop up but as an actual page, options boxes empty.

    Whats going on, it seems as if this plugin has had endless updates recently, with this latest one being a disaster. I don’t have Super cache installed.

    I would get rid of the plugin but I have all my meta data stored in this plugin so have no option but to keep it…

    I wrote last week about and the problem with missing the options under the content editor HTML tab; just upgraded to (english) and the issue is resolved. WP Super Cache is active as well. Thank you!

    Just updated to and it still breaks the admin. I’m going to have to deactivate it again. I’ll keep waiting for a new update because prior to this update it was the best SEO available. I just wish I could go back to 2.7 ;(

    Quick hack: in class-admin.php, comment out line 321, and hardcode the version:

    function maybe_upgrade() {
        $options = get_option( 'wpseo' );
        //$current_version = isset( $options['version'] ) ? $options['version'] : 0;
        $current_version = '';

    Obviously not the best idea … since the array is used in more places. Might get you by until Joost pushes a fix.

    Any update on this? Still getting the problems despite updating to latest version. I’m using the english language, no WP Cache active.

    I too just discovered yesterday and today the latest version was causing havoc with my WPMS install. Not on the existing sites, mind you. Instead, any new sites I added to the network just result in 500 server errors when attempting to access the admin area. The front end of the new sites work as expected.

    I deactivated ALL network activated plugins and was able to access back ends just fine. One by one I’ve re-activated the plugins, network wide and would retest access to the new sites admin areas.

    All was good until WordPress SEO was activated. Then kaput.

    Has anyone heard from Yoast or his developers?


    Edit: Just rolled back to 1.2.7 and access to new WPMS network sites works when hitting the admin back end. JDK

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 71 total)
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