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  • I have the plugin working except for one critical detail–it won’t send the actual certificate. I am able to sell them and get the paypal transaction completed, but the email with the certificate does not ever arrive. I’ve also tried the Resend link in the sold crtificates area, with the same lack of results.

    The email for this site is hosted somewhere else, but my contact form is able to send email, so it doesn’t seem to be that.

    Anyone else run into this and find a solution?

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  • Hello
    for me i receive the email but its not the “approved email”… it sends me the “not accepted” email…

    i’ve tried to look into paypal’s ipn settings and return settings but no luck.

    Joeminer, I have exactly the same problem. The plugin was working perfectly before. Since then I have done a couple of upgrades to wordpress, having currently version 3.3.2, but I really dont know when it started having problems sending the gift certificate email. I noticed because a cliente who bought a certificate let me know it never arrived. I think its very likely a wordpress upgrade broke it.

    If anyone knows what could it be, let us know. Thanks!

    I am having exactly the same issue. WordPress 3.3.2 as well. Anyone have any ideas about what might be going on? This is my first attempt at using the plug-in so I don’t know whether it is related to an upgrade.

    I’m looking for the same answer. I’m currently running WP 3.4.1. The transaction goes through and I am notified from PayPal, not gift certificate gets e-mailed. Does anyone have any advice or a solution? I hope so as this is a cool plugin.

    I had the same problem.

    I loaded this plugin called “Configure SMTP”

    The plugin re-routs all the E-mails through SMTP.
    Then I setup a G-mail account to send from.

    Now it works.



    There is something wrong the the header that is being contructed when email is being sent. I had to modify wpgift-loader.php file.

    find the line:
    $sendit = wp_mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

    1. above this line, add:
    // this will send email in html format instead of text
    add_filter(‘wp_mail_content_type’,create_function(”, ‘return “text/html”;’));
    2. change this like by remove $header variable so the line looks like
    $sendit = wp_mail($to, $subject, $message);

    I am not sure how the $header was intended to work, but all I figured out is the fact that by not specifying this custom header, it works.

    Anything else or who can fixed this bug already?
    I just test it right now and this plugin can’t send email to any whom.

    Thanks Ripplestone, that worked.



    There are two issues in this thread.

    1. Emails not being sent
    @ripplestone has applied a fix for emails not being sent.

    I’ve come across this issue on some Windows IIS servers running WordPress not being able to properly send SMTP mail.

    Never had a problem with Linux servers.

    2. Incorrect format in Email header
    @midexsoftware is correct.

    There is a problem in the way the outgoing SMTP email is formatted.

    It is trying to send out the email using the admin email address in the plugin settings, however, the actual email address in the header is still being recorded as your WP system email (General > Settings).

    This is causing some email systems to mark the email as suspicious as it looks like somebody is spamming the From address.

    For those who say they are not receiving emails, I would suspect you are but that they are being sent to a SPAM/Junk folder on your systems or being rejected by a SPAM/Junk email filter on your mail server.

    Please check both systems if this is the case.

    Please fix this and correctly format the outgoing SMTP email.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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