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  • I think it would be a great feature for this plug-in if you could do per-post board selection. By that I mean, you have the default board defined in your settings, but with every post you can always define a different board if you want, by simply changing the ID of a bracket below there somewhere.

    Same could go for poster ID. Our blog is run by a group of people, so it would be best to have the ability to define who’s gonna be making the forum post as well.

    We’ll be upgrading to SMF 2.0 soon, so I wish you the best of luck and thank you for a powerful plug-in!

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  • Oh and I would also recommend updating the lines on the install instructions:
    # Edit file Sources/Security.php of your SMF forum, comment out the lines from 819 to 823, which means the function is_admin. it is there just for backward compatibility and conflicts with a WP function

    – I suggest changing this into a a specific example of first line of code to the last to be deleted, as the # line can easily change.

    # Go to the admin page posttosmf and configure the plugin

    – This could be better articulated (and also the name could be on better display than “post_to_smf”), e.g.
    “Go to your WordPress admin panel, find the post_to_smf plugin under ‘settings’ and configure the plug-in with the correct forum path.

    # Place <p class=”comments”><?php if(function_exists(‘post_to_smf_link’)) {post_to_smf_link(‘Comments: read comments in the Forum’); } ?></p> in your template, tipically in single.php near to the comments, outside of the php tags.

    – I don’t even know yet if I got this one right; I don’t think so as I don’t see this link popping up in my blog posts. Please expand on this explanation, as I have no idea where to actually put this class in.

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