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  • I just installed this plugin. Really like and appreciate it. I just can’t figure out what is up with the multiple break tags.

    What I mean is, I added this to a page, and have one paragraph of text before it. For some reason, there is one break tag for every tab added to this page. I created 7 tabs for use using this plugin on the page, and there are 7 break tags <br> within, and at the end of the paragraph that preceeds the start of code for this plugin. When I had only 2 tabs, there were 2 break tags. When I added more tabs, then more break tags came into place. Can’t figure that out?

    I used CSS to display:none those break tags so they don’t affect the layout, but if you use firebug or some other such tool, you can see them there in the code.

    Site is temporarily here now (9-6-11):
    And if you find this in a few weeks, it will be at:

    Thanks for any constructive feedback of fixes.


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  • natedawg5969


    SAme issue Here! help?

    It’s something with wordpress itself and how it deals with shortcodes. Put a space or hit the return key after the closing tab function ([/tab]) and it will remove the breaks.


    [tab name="example"]stuff here[/tab]^[tab name="example"]stuff here[/tab]


    [tab name="example"]stuff here[/tab]return
    [tab name="example"]stuff here[/tab]

    With ^ being a space in between. The author needs to add a filter to the plugin to remove the autop function.

    I had success with this combination:
    [/tab]^[tab name=”example”]

    I am guessing that if you put a return character between the end and the newtab, it stacks those as Breaks at the top of the post.

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